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Old 02-05-2009, 01:18 AM
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Best site to get many electronic items for free!! Totally Legit!!

Hey everyone,

Sorry, I know I posted a thread like this earlier this year, but I just want to let everyone know that I've basically found the best site to get really any gaming console, ipod and laptop for absolutely free (Even without credit card payments).

Unlike the previous sites I mentioned in my previous thread, this site does not require you to use any credit cards for offers, and only requires you to complete 1 of 4 example offers, which all, if not most, are cell phone offers, that can be cancelled immediately after completion, and you will never be charged. The site is called FreePay, it is totally legit, and CNN/NBC have done a special on it, confirming that it is actually not a scam, and %100 plausible. The only thing you need to do after completing one offer is refer people to the site, and that isn't to difficult to do, and the # of referrals needed will depend on the type of item you desire.

I'll provide you with a link to Freepay, but this one specifically is for those of you who want a free PS3:
Either way, you can search Freepay on Google and choose what electronic toy you want to receive on the site, but for those who want a free PS3 without any kind of credit card payments whatsoever, here's the site again:

Thanks again guys!! (Sorry if this seems kind of like spam, but I won't be posting anymore more threads on this topic)

Oh yah, and make sure you use these sites with Internet Explorer, as sometimes credits for offers/referrals won't be given to you with different browsers. As well, make sure to turn on all cookies in Internet Explorer before entering the site!!

See ya!!

PS: If you need help getting referrals, and nothing is working for you, I'll teach/help you how to get referrals fast, for any Freepay/Freebies site in general, if you sign on to Freepay with any of the links above, and complete one simple offer (Whichever you prefer, and again, you can cancel the offer after, and still get credit for it). Just PM me after you've signed under one of my links and completed an offer, and I'll be glad to help you out!!
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