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Old 05-11-2012, 07:06 PM
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Dancing Cat Customs

Hello all, I'm a cosplayer and artist - and a rather good one if I do say so myself.

So I'm here to promote my etsy site: Dancing Cat Customs

It's still small and pretty bare, but I've just started out. And I need to start somewhere. Dancing Cat Customs is about cosplay props and practical messenger bags - which are not mutually exclusive I find.

I make custom messenger bags - Zelda themed, no theme, fancy pattern, personally designed bag, I make them. The standard plain bag starts at $35. Anything fancier needs to be discussed over messaging for accurate pricing and making custom listings. A bag can take a week to two weeks to make.

I also make props - whether they be simple little plushies, a magician's staff or a bejeweled tiara, I make them. I've got experience in resin casting (for gems and the like) and know my way around craft foam shaping and sculpey, among other things. Much like the bags, you'd need to message me for specifics and pricing - what materials you would like to use and so on and so forth. Props vary in time, depending on what you want.

Since this shop is only run by me, I run a first come, first serve business, but I'll definitely try to divide my work equally.

Thanks for looking! ^^
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