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My thoughts

Hi everyone, I've been reading this board for a while but I've never taken part in the discussions, untill now!

I'm not sure if it fits the hype thread itself but it goes along with the current discussion. I, like many other zelda fans, was worried that TP was going to be moved to the Wii. It was promised as a gamecube title, I don't remember if Nintendo ever used the word "exclusivly", but none the less it was what we were expecting and wanting. I kept thinking to myself that if they moved it to the Wii in anyway shape or form I was going to be upset.

To my own surprise though after this years E3, and the offical announcement of a Wii version of TP, I wasn't upset but extremely excited. Looking at all the movies, screenshots, and the many discussions people are having over the smallest details about this game to me show one thing. This is going to be one of the best, if not the best Zelda game ever. This latest discovery of the changing seasons to me has revealed just how much depth and work Nintendo are putting into the game. Part of my excitement about playing it on the Wii stems from the same excitment I felt playing Ocarina of Time on the 64, its starting to feel new again. I really think Nintendo is on to something with the Wii console, and I think Zelda belongs as a launch title.

There is only one thing I'm still worried about, and thats how well the Wii is going to work at home on different TV sets. I know Nintendo has said it will work on any TV, but I would like to see that for myself. Keep in mind the E3 showing was on Nintendos turf, their rules and their hardware. Whew, sorry for the long post away.