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Re: The Twilight Princess Hype Thread

Originally Posted by hero25
If you needed to solve a puzzle that required it to be winter and it was spring, you'd be pretty screwed, wouldn't you? Anyway, I like new items and ideas too, but older items that haven't showed up before in a while are also cool. Also, changing seasons in TP's beautiful 3D engine would be a new and awsome experience.
All the same, why have the seasons serve any purpose? They could be nothing but a nice aesthetic change over time. Mind you, when was the last time you spent 92 in game days playing Zelda?

The Wii version of TP will have widescreen and progressive scan, and the developers have also said that it may also have graphincs that are improved a bit over the GC version.
It will have slightly better graphics, I seem to recall something about better textures.
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