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Re: Why is violence so "fun" to people in video games?

Because people are morbid in general, which is why we have horror movies and violent games. Through these, we can enjoy violence without the consequences: true psychological side effects and a mess on the carpet.

I think violent videogames are killing don't actually have the same effect that really killing someone does. You don't feel the psychological effect (guilt, revulsion, fear, or even the extreme pleasure that slash-o-holics feel.) It's just a novelty that appeals to our morbid side, but it is just a novelty. It annoys me when people say that violent video games make people behave violently. The people who were "inspired" by violence in the media, (you hear journalists bleating about copycat murders) would have just ended up killing or hurting someone anyway, because you have to be pretty disturbed to want to try out the real thing to begin with. No matter what the nanny state wants you to believe, nobody goes from happy wholesome outgoing teen to reclusive homicidal maniac, just by picking up a copy of Grand Theft Auto and playing it.
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