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Name:Raedium, Ominae of the Dark Prophecy
Age: Appears to be in his late 20s or early 30s
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes: Icy blue with midnight blue pupils
Hair: Silver

Weapons: Anything that comes to hand. Not as well versed in hand-to-hand combat as his sister, Aurora, but able to use nearly any object as a weapon. Usually carries a Wakasashi blade.
Armor: none

Strengths: Skilled in all elements, summoner of the Great Dark dragon, Zauron. Possibly matching his sister and her summon in raw power.
Weaknesses: Persistent to a fault in pursuit of his life's only goal. Will drop any endeavor, alleigance, or plan that will not aid him in his purpose without a moment's thought. Raedium and Zauron lack Aurora and Valron's skill in chi manipulation. Sometimes weak against Light magic.

Appearance: Tall and muscular, though not overly large or brutish in build, he is a finely tuned machine of muscle and sinew. Raedium moves more like a large, predatory cat than a human, sleek and efficient. Clad in black leather pants, heavy boots, and a charcoal grey trenchcoat, his perfectly defined torso is left bare. His handsome face, with its startling blue eyes, is framed by thick, straight silver hair which he usually wears in a thick braid down his back.
Personality: All but psychopathic in pursuit of his obsession, the destruction and then death of his sister, Aurora the Ominae. He will go to any length to achieve this end. He is an expert manipulator of the human mind and spirit; charming one moment and cruel the next, endearing one minute and heartless the next; the ultimate in his disdain of all other life. Nothing is sacred or taboo in his mind. The only right is his own, the only priviledge is that which he permits.

History: Daeon was born with his twin Rae to a tribe of travelling entertainers. Their mother died in childbirth, and the twins were raised by their father and older sister. Aurora loved the two boys with all her being and did her best to care for her family the way she knew her mother would have wanted.

Then came the fatefull night the little family was destryed by a cruel and greedy bandit (for more on this fateful night, see Aurora's profile). Daeon awoke on a garbage heap, his father and brother dead beside him and his sister nowhere to be found. He blamed her for Rae's death, believing she had abandoned them and let them die in order to save her own life.

With his twin gone, the boy felt incomplete, like half of himself was missing, the most important part. So, he took his brother with him in the only way he could. He changed his name, forever putting his brother first, so he would never forget the vengance he swore, and in that way, the brothers would always be one.

Raedium was found days later and sold into slavery to a man who turned out to be master of the Assasin's Guild. The cruel and sinister man quickly saw something useful inthe boy, his hate, and so he apprenticed him. Under the assasin's tutelage, Raedium learned the reality of a harsh, unforgiving universe where one must kill or be killed, where the strong subdue and control the weak, and where truly, might does equal right. The man fed and nourished the boy's growing psychosis with lies of his sister, and how she had indeed left them to die in shame in order to save herself.

Years passed, and Raedium embraced this new life, along with his slowly awakening majical skills, becoming the second in command, and the most formidable member of the guild. Finally, he killed his former master, and took his position, freeign himself of his enslavement. Thus freed, Raedium struck out on his own as an independent mercenery and assasin. Then, he accepted a true challenge. He was hired to kill the High Summoner of the Dark Temple. The young man spent months infiltrating the temple as a majician wishing to become a summoner.

During his time in the temple, Raedium found himself intrigued by two things. First, the power wielded by the summoners fascinated him so strongly, that he soon found himself training in earnest. The second was a scroll that every summoner must read, The Prophecy. It spoke of turmoil, power (both lost and won in an epic struggle over the ultimate fate of the universe) ... and a woman. A woman with golden hair and blue eyes that changed shade. Raedium poured over the scrolls, soon convinced that this woman was none other than his long lost sister, Aurora. She of all peopel was sestined to become the Ominae?! He could not accept this. Then, as he continued to read, he discovered another character. A man with silver hair whose heart belonged in the Dark. So, I too, have a destiny...

Raedium's training intensified, his original intent set aside as he was apprenticed by the High summoner of the Dark temple herself. A cool, calculating woman who sadly did not live long after Raedium gained his summon, the Great Dragon of Dark, Zauron. But, the new sumomner swiftly and easily filled the vacancy mysteriously left by his late master, and set out on his quest to create his own version of the Ominae's Perfect Dragon. Just another step toward making that woman pay for her crimes...
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