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Name: Tsukineko

Age: 24

Race: Neko (1/2)

Race explanation: A Neko is a Cat-like humanoid bearing a similar build as Humans, but with feline features, like Feline ears at the top of the head, a cat-like tail, and feline eyes, as well as things like stronger and increased senses, higher speed, and much greater endurance. Though called "Demons" by many (usually Humans), this close, but wrong as Neko possess many of those 'inhuman' qualities, but are distinctly different.

Sex: male

Hair: Semi-short, black hair.

Eyes: Left is blood red, right is gold. Both are cat-like.

Weight: 200 lbs.

Height: 6' 0"(6' 3" if you count his ears)

-Twin Swords of Kurenkento: The Original twin short swords Kurenkento used that were given to him by his Mother, the Goddess of Temptation; Macha. After being separated by Sakuraneko and Zorlo, they have now come to the ownership of his son, Tsukineko. Having chosen him as their new master, the can change form at the will of their master to become virtually any sword/dagger-like weapon from a Stiletto to a Zanbatou, but must be used carefully as the weight increased/decreased in proportion to the size they assume. Indestructible and unwieldible by any other. Their hilts are engraved with a hunting tiger, its claws unsheathed and teeth bared, surrounded by forest with a ruby embedded at the end of the hilt. The sheaths are red with the black outline of a Neko wielding two short swords in a full charge; its arms held bent behind it, ready to strike. The Neko is in mid stride with a determined look upon its face. The blade themselves are double-edged and shaped perfectly to both slice and pierce with ease.

-Necklace of 8: Explained in skills.

-Gate of Blades: Tsukineko's most used weapon. Explained in depth in skills.

-Shi no Kyoufu: Magical black armor crafted specifically for Tsukineko by an armorer in the Temple of Macha. When not active, it take the form of black pendent emblazoned by a blooming rose in front of a full moon. When active, black armor completely covers his body (except his head and tail) in demonic, black armor. Black metal gauntlets cover the Neko's hands and forearms like a second skin while black, matching greaves cover his shins and feet the same way, both including curved blades along the arms and shins. Dark plate-mail covers his body, shoulders, and thighs almost like dragon scales with a Blooming rose on the chest and the full moon on the back. While activated, it gives Tsukineko a more fearsome, evil look and even makes his hair spike wildly during use. Made from the the pendent manifesting his pure shield energies into a physical form, the armor weighs nearly nothing and doesn't restrict his movements in the least. Activated by running his shield energy into the pendent, it renders his Wall shield unusable while in use, but protects him to the same degree. When inactive, it repairs any damage it has sustained on its own and can activate on it's own accord if It senses Tsukineko's life is in danger.

Starlight and Moonlight: A new set of gauntlets and greaves crafted for him before he received The Shi no Kyoufu armor pendent. Starlight is a pair of Gauntlets that can link to his Necklace of 8 to help absorb elemental power and to help him focus elemental attacks. The fingertips of them have a small opening just big enough to allow His claws to extend through for use. Moonlight is a matching pair of greaves that have the ability to form a powerful shield that block the most intense of attacks once every few hours. The shield actives only if Tsukineko is nearly helpless, making it unreliable. Starlight and Moonlight are completely black with white, glowing lines running its length. Both are crafted for magically reinforced steel and will never break or rust as long as he uses them.

Strengths: Work in Progress

Weaknesses: Work in Progress


Mystic Eyes: Work in Progress

Barriers: These are the defensive techniques and augments that Tsukineko has come to use and improve upon as the first and few magics he directly employs. They are as follows.

Wall-This places a strong shield to any direction. This shield can block powerful strikes like those from Heavy axes and boulders and middle-high level magics, but will shatter if hit with anything stronger causing minor damage and pain to Tsukineko whether the attack that shattered Wall hits him or not. Since each hit weakens this shield, he prefers to use this to block single attacks, rather then holding it for long periods. He can also cast multiples of this to protect 360 degrees around him. This shield is his most versatile shield, able to be kicked off of or stood on even in mid-air. It can also be multi-sized, from the size of Tsukineko's feet to the size of a large wall and while it can't be turned, it can be moved forward and back or allowed to free fall with gravity's pull, though not pushed over. Looks much like a sheet of glass under normal use. As Tsukineko learns more Barrier techniques, this has mostly fallen from defensive use in favor of other applications like fueling his armor or creating platforms.

~Shield Modifiers: Through study and hard work, Tsukineko learned to temporarily add special effects to his Barrier techniques. Originally for his Wall Shield, he's able to apply then to most of his barriers minus Smashing Shield. Noticeable by the color each one turns his normally clear shields. His current Modifiers are:

- Pain Bringer: As the name suggests, contact causes tremendous pain, but no actual harm. Use turns the Barrier a light, see-through gray.

- Concusser: Counters with a blast of concussive force when struck by an attack. The stronger the hit, the stronger the blast. Use turns the Barrier pale yellow.

- Elemental: Changes the Barrier to absorb the elemental power of a specific element, but becomes far more easily broken by the opposite element. Appearance differs depending on the element to be absorbed.

- Mirror: Reinforces the Barrier to stand up to stronger attacks and deflect/reflect magical attacks at their full, undiminished power. The Barrier turns glassy and reflective when in use.

Smashing Shield-This very strong shield can physically damage back with the force it was hit with and will absorb most magic attacks to help fuel the shield itself. This shield is rather demanding of energy, so it isn't usually used or maintained for long without the (unloving) help of the enemies magical attacks, but naturally 'anchors' Tsukineko in place, creating an 'immovable object' scenario to maximize efficiency. Because of the way this shield damages, it's nothing more than a waste of energy against physically weak enemies unless they use a lot of magic. Over the years, Tsukineko has learned that the normal Smashing Shield was becoming obsolete. To help extend the usefulness of this supreme defense, he learned to alter the nature and behavior of this Barrier.

- Mobile Fortress: His first augment, as he was able to temporarily cause this to happen before, Alters the previously stationary nature of the Smashing shield to alloy for a supreme, mobile defense at the cost of reduced backlash damages.

- Smashing Charge: An expansion to Mobile Fortress, allowing The Smashing shield to become mobile and retain its full power if not increasing it. The downside is that it only protects the front and sides rather then allowing 360 degree defense. Mainly used offensively to ram and destroy targets and/or clear a path.

- Smashing Blade: An Augment that wraps his weapons in a 'skin-tight' Smashing Shield. Though it causes the weapon to lose all ability to cut, it makes up for it by granting superior defensive ability to his weapons, allowing him and his weapons to meet far more powerful blows on equal ground and even shatter opponent weaponry sometimes.

Interceptor- Tsukineko's first new barrier technique, learned about the same time as Protection from Arrows was fully awakened. Created from the basis of Wall & Protection from Arrows, The Interceptor shield is a 'pinpoint' defense meant to shield Tsukineko and those nearby without obstructing offensive ability. The shield takes the rough form of a Saint Nino's Cross.

My Body as a Shield- A Barrier that awakened inside Tsukineko when he used himself to protect Haineko from a Mercury Dragon's breath weapon. A true Absolute Defense, this Barrier cannot be broken by any means for as long as Tsukineko lives to maintain it as it 'rejects' phenomena that impact the barrier. The very nature of this barrier is 'selflessness' and as such, can other be used in the defense of others.

Support Skills: These are supporting characteristics and abilities that Tsukineko learned and/or developed through his years of traveling and fighting both by himself or while leading his unit. They are as follows.

The necklace of 8-A necklace of 8 crystallized elements. Originally thought to just be a convenient source of elemental power, Tsukineko has discovered its true purpose as an Elemental Generator & Reservoir, that grants access to the elements of: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Lightning, Light, & Dark.

Guardian Knight- Awakened when he used both shield and body to protect Haineko from a Mercury Dragon's breath. Temporary raises defensive power when protecting others. As a 'High Guardian' and the Guardian of The Priestess of Ash & Flames, Tsukineko is always expected to "guard over others". And such expectations give him strong defensive boosts. So much so, that he's been known to defend against things that would normally overwhelm his defenses quickly or with ease.

Protection from Arrows- Partially active from his birth, Tsukineko fully awakened it during his training and from fights against ranged combat artists. Increased defense against ranged attacks by predicting the projectile trajectory through exceptional means such as hearing the sound of air being cut or sensing the killing intent of the enemy. As long as the shooter is within his line of sight, he can track down ranged weapons with his eyes and defend against them.

Knowledge of Harmony & Control- Acquired through continuous training against Doppelwarriors and other things capable of incredible insight. Prevents decrease in the effectiveness of a technique, regardless how many times it is used against the same opponent, to the point that attacks cannot be predicted by the enemy.

Assault Skills: These are offensive powers and abilities that Tsukineko learned and/or developed through his years of traveling and fighting both by himself or while leading his unit, both before and after joining the Temple. They are as follows.

Claws of power-Basically it's his natural claws, but made as strong as steel by infusing them with magical or elemental energy. These claws can cut through anything a Large sword or Heavy axe could but causes a slow but steady drain of energy to use. He's also learned in the race to the Master of Combat to wield multiple elements at once and to infuse his gauntlets and even greaves with these same elements though its more draining when used that way. He's beginning to use this less now due to his other learned skills, but hasn't neglected these basics.

Gate of Blades- An inherent ability Tsukineko learned to unlock and use from a Gate Master while training to become a Mage Warrior of Macha. This gate produces any bladed weapon Tsukineko calls for, regardless of size or shape. The weapons are made of a mysterious red crystalline material that doesn't seem to break no matter what and are extremely light weight. The weapon(s) must drawn from the gate since only the hilt comes out at first and each weapon returns to the Gate if lost. The gate is blood red and forms anywhere the user wishes, but is based around the hands. Multiple weapons can be formed at an opened Gate if so desired. Tsukineko’s most called weapons are a set of single edged swords, a broadsword with a blade that much resembles his sister Sakuraneko's Tsukiyomi, and a large scythe, though other weapons aren't too uncommon.

Appearance: Wears black pants with red Scythe-like designs going up the side of each leg and a black, sleeve-less shirt with This symbol on the back. Over this he wears a long, black, sleeveless Kosode with the symbol of the Mage Warrior force he commands, the crossed swords entwined by three roses, that represents the 11th Unit. Its open at the front to show his necklace and pendant and has two semi-hidden pockets on the lower front of it. On his hands and feet he wears the Starlight and Moonlight gauntlet/greave set. On the of his left and right hips, sit his twin short swords. Around his neck sits the Necklace of 8 and the Shi no Kyoufu pendent while numerous scars from previous fights decorate his arms, chest, and back with one running down his face across his red eye from a slash that came close to blinding him. He has an average but cat-like face with 3" long cat ears instead of human ears and inch long sheathed claws on each hand under his finger nails. Tsukineko is somewhat slim and not very tan even though he spends most of his time outside. His black, fur covered tail is able to reach up to his shoulders.

Personality: Tsukineko is a loner, mostly just roaming the countryside. He's very curious of things to the point it almost did kill the cat but the years of training and deadly situations have engraved a habit of caution within him that keeps his curiosity in check. It takes him a long time to trust anyone and will stop trusting them completely it they break his trust but will fiercely protect anyone he calls a friend(the main reason Tsukineko has a lot of his scars) and since he has dealt with insults his entire life, they don't even bother him anymore.

History: Tsukineko was born to Sakura Yasashii, a human woman in a small village in the countryside. Because of what he was, Tsukineko and his mother were shunned by the village and even attacked on occasion by some but usually didn't do much too hurt the two of them for fear of angering Tsukineko's father and possible making him attack the village. At the age of 5, the village finally made the decision, they all decided it was time to get rid of Tsukineko and his mother and in the middle of the night they set fire to the house Tsukineko and his mother lived in. With his mothers help he made it out but she couldn't make it and died that night. Before she died she told him to leave the village and head to his aunts house in the close-by village from their house and don't come back. Run as fast as you can and you'll make it. This is the last time Tsukineko saw this village as the house collapsed on his mother and he started to run. After running for several hours, he arrived at his aunt's house where he collapsed and was unconscious for several days. When he awoke and remembered what happened, he vowed to never let someone innocent die because of what he was. He spent several years with his aunt helping out and learning his first magics from the village mage until this village started being violent toward Tsukineko and his aunt. At 12 years old he left the village fearing his aunt might also be killed like his mother was and started roaming from village to village, trying to learn new magic and doing odd jobs to survive, always leaving at the first sign of violence toward himself and the people he stayed with. Eventually, he found a swordsmen to stay and for the next 4 years he learned how to wield a short sword and move with a weapons attack to keep from getting hurt or to minimize injury. Over the years, through all the fights and training, Tsukineko learned how to fight with his natural claws and to strengthen them with his own magic power or that of nearby elements so that he could fight when unarmed or to surprise foes that are close to killing him. He also has started to learn a unique style of close range combat using both his claws and short sword to try and gain an upper hand against foes, but this is still far from being a great help. Due to this, he has acquired a great many scars for his trouble. Afterward, he roamed for another 3 years, looking for a place to learn new magics and improving old ones he knew until he, by chance, found an abandoned mansion. After searching through the mansion for anything of value, he happened to see the necklace of 8 on a dust covered pedestal. After picking it up, he quickly realized it was a trap and just barely made it out before the place collapsed. Believing he was meant to have the necklace since a normal human wouldn't have made it out before the place collapsed, Tsukineko decided to keep the necklace instead of selling it and has never taken it off since. Recently, he has discovered the necklace of 8 holds elemental power to be used by it's wearer and is learning to drawout it's power with more control. It is at this point that we join up with Tsukineko.
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