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Loraine Fett

Here goes nothing... again... Yeah, character #4. This one is going to be a Star Wars character, as I just reread the novelization of Episode III... for the 50th time.

Name: Loraine Fett
Age: 19
Race: Clone [Human]
Sex: Female
Hair: Long, black
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 160 lb.
Height: 5 ft. 9

Weapon: Loraine wields the vibroblade, a spear with an electrified tip. This vibroblade can easily deflect blaster bolts, and perfectly compliments her Force powers, considering that she had never touched a lightsaber. However, the vibroblade is ineffective against wood or metal.

Armor: Her only remotely armor-like clothing are two metal bands that stretch from her wrists to arms, that can block some attacks. They are pathetically ineffective against pure energy or magic, though.

Strengths: Loraine's biggest strengths lie in her Force power and vibroblade. The two combined allow her to seek out fast-moving targets and attack them, in a way normal humans could not. The obvious shortcomings of an average clone affect her not, as she is an unaltered clone.

Weakness: Her biggest shortcoming lies in her lone hand. After one hand of hers was severed, her right to be exact, she has been leaving her right side all but unguarded in close combat. With such a style of combat, her Force powers are the only thing keeping her alive. She is also pathetically weak against a large group of attackers with ranged weapons, as she never learned how to guard both her front and back.

Skills/Magic: Her only real skill is the power of the Force. However, this can be utilized in many unforeseen ways.

Force Grab: This one is fairly obvious: she can grab inanimate objects and move them. Never trained as a Jedi, she has no idea how to move living things, apart from plants. She can move plants and fungi.

Focus Point: A great skill of hers, she can center the Force in the tip of her vibroblade and spread electricity outwards in all directions for up to 300 feet in each direction! However, such a taxing move not only tires her Force connection, but relinquishes her source of energy for her weapon. In lay men terms, it cuts off her vibroblade power and her Force power for a minute, plenty of time for an opponent to take advantage of.

Force Push: Another interesting move, she can create a sort of "Force-wall" that forms in front of an opponent, pushing them away. However, with force, an opponent can break through the wall and attack Loraine while she is completely unguarded.

Force Stimula: A move used mostly in escapes, she can stimulate artificial objects, commanding them to do a certain thing.

Force Wave: Loraine's final Force maneuver, it forms a "Force tidal wave" that has the power to crush opponents. However, this move, like all Force maneuvers, has a weakpoint. For one, the wave itself is narrow and easy to dodge. Also, dust kicking up can warn the opponent of this attack. Even if they are hit by the Force Wave, it has not enough power to damage them, only immobilize.

Personality: Loraine is completely obsessed with her past. After learning that she is a clone and being attacked by her double, her past is very overwhelming. She's also a passive sort, and often gives up to grief. In battle, she'll run from an enemy, and fight back only if cornered. More often than not, she'll end up befriending her supposed enemy. Overall, she is kind, but emotionally weak.

Appearance: Loraine's face is basically a feminine version of Jango Fett, the man she was cloned from. Her hair is black, like his, but lengthened. Her necklace is made from shells from the ocean of Blek-7, the 7th moon of planet Blek. Her necklace's diamond is the very same powering a lightsaber. Her dress is pure black and slender, adorned with gold spheres along the bottom and tip of sleeves. Her vibroblade handle is white, stretching from her foot to shoulder, and her three inch long blade is green, crackling with electricity.

Her ship, the Strain I, is sleek and silver, and has no wings. Its nose is fitted with an electrified tip. A cannon on the top fires electrified missiles, and two others attached to the sides fire blaster bolts, two at a time from each. To top it all off, the Strain I can be called to Loraine's side by the press of a button.

History: Loraine was born in a factory. Well, not really born, but produced. Alongside her, the first thing she saw was a baby boy, identical to her except, of course, for his gender. And then she looked into the eyes of a Kaminoan and her "father". But to understand this scenario, we must move back in time a bit. To understand Loraine Fett, we must understand her father, Jango Fett.

Truth be told, the elder Fett is not difficult to understand. He was a cold, calculating bounty hunter who cared for none, as he had none left to care for. Mother was dead, and he never really had a father. His view on life was stoic and unbiased, which in many ways made Fett the ideal bounty hunter. And he owed the Naldrians a favor.

Apparently they had caught somebody land on a sacred part of ground. That man proceeded to kill at least 20 soldiers, somehow. Then, once they managed to take him into custody, he miraculously escaped. The Naldrians barely caught him taking off. So, since they had bailed Fett out of a few scrapes before, they asked him to return the favor by recapturing the man... for free.

So now Jango Fett was scoping out the moons of Dantooine, looking for a mysterious man cloaked in black. Great. Just 20 moons to search, and no description of "mystery man" other than that he was wearing black, and attacked with a flash of red. The people who had red blasters were innumerable, and black was the new white.

"Hello?" Fett shouted out loud, getting annoyed. "Hello! If there's an escaped prisoner on these moons, show yourself!" Clasping his mouth shut, he began to wonder if he was going insane. What better way to know, then, if someone calls back? "Gladly," a crisp voice said politely, and there was movement behind the hunter. Hand on gun, Fett spun around and drew his weapon. "If you are out there," he shouted steadily, "appear before me!"

And as if by magic, a black-cloaked figure appeared in front of him. Fett stumbled, pointing his gun clumsily. "Who are you!" he shouted at the mystery figure. All this figure did as an answer was draw a piece of metal. Before Fett could rebuke the individual, a beam of red light emitted from the metal. A lightsaber, then. "Jedi," Fett breathed.

The figure wrinkled his nose. "What... did you call me?" Fett stared at the Jedi incredulously. "You are a Jedi. You have a lightsaber, and wear a cloak." Sneering, the figure replied "Hardly. I am a Lord: Darth Tyranus." Fett blinked. "...Darth? You are no Jedi, but what are you?" Waving his hand, Tyranus forced Fett back almost absentmindedly. Groaning, Fett hit the ground painfully. Snarling, the hunter drew his gun and fired at the Lord.

Darth Tyranus seemed to vanish, he moved so quickly. A blur in the night sky, the self-proclaimed Lord seemed to fly past everything that Fett threw at him. This battle seemed hopeless, especially when Tyranus took the offensive, hacking and slashing, lightsaber a natural part of his body. As the Lord progressed towards Fett, blaster bolts bouncing off, he finally got close enough to slash at the bounty hunter with superhuman strength. Fett narrowly dodged the powerful assault.

Turning to look at the Lord, the bounty hunter barely got a glimpse of a powerful bolt of lightning, emitted from Tyranus' hand, and coming right for him! Crying out, Fett ran right into the wave, stinging his body. Tyranus' attack was interrupted by a blaster bolt in his face. Stumbling back, the Lord lost connection with the lightning, which disappeared. Fett fell to his knees, panting. When the hunter looked at Tyranus, he saw that the man was smiling.

Tyranus' face was lit up, eyes flashing. "Yes," he muttered to himself, "he'll do fine." Overcome by curiosity, Fett stepped forward. "What do you want with me?" he snarled. Tyranus smiled thinly. "Being a bounty hunter must seem like an ... unpaying life, do you agree?" Fett scowled. "What are you talking about?" "I'm simply saying that all bounty hunters want to gain more, and you have the ability to do so." It sounded promising. "What are you insinuating?" the bounty hunter asked suspiciously. And Tyranus told him.

The plan was to use a nimble, fit and powerful being to clone into a large army for the Republic. Fett looked over the man. "Why not you? Your powers are great, much more than mine." Tyranus smiled again. "Simple. My skills are tied to the Force. Without it, I am simply a harmless old man. The Force is shaky in cloning, and no one knows if midi-chlorians are copied with the DNA of one. So, you see, you are much better for this." Fett's eyes shone. "What is the pay?" "Triple rates." Fett's hands rubbed together greedily. "Let's do this."

As the two flew to Kamino, it began. The machines started up, the needles were cleaned, and the cloning began. And before Fett knew it, the Kaminoans had made over 1,000 clones, and in less than six months, as well! Then, the Kaminoans started asking him if he needed anything else. And Fett had only one answer: "An unaltered clone, to be my adopted son." No one questioned Fett, and only started up the machines.

However, there was an odd malfunction in the system. During a thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning hit the tower and disrupted the machine, causing unforeseen results. The DNA was copied, and a Y chromosome was replaced by an X. The results were obvious. A young boy and girl, identical but the gender, were created.

When Fett heard this, he was furious. "A girl? Females are weak. This girl will never be able to carry out the Fett legacy! Kill her!" The Kaminoan blinked. "But, Lord Fett, isn't that a bit-" Fett's scowl made the Kaminoan catch his words on his tongue. "Kill her, now!"

The Kaminoan happened to be a fairly emotional one. Rather than killing the young girl outright, he put her in a pod and ejected her into the vacuum of space, where she would surely die. Satisfied, the Kaminoan left the girl, believing that she would for sure be killed. But fate works in odd ways.

A passing star cruiser picked her up. This couple decided to adopt her. Her name became Loraine Winter, and she was treated like a princess for 16 years. Loraine was raised on the planet Klatonine and made many friends, her natural kindness attracting them like flypaper. Her father was a Senator, giving her powerful contacts. She actually had a spot on the Galactic Senate waiting for her at age 16, but she had to decline. She had more important matters.

The previous night, her parents had told her how she was found. Shocked by such a realization, Loraine declined her position on the Senate immediately and set forth to Nespin 8. There, on the artificial planet, was the greatest Jedi library the galaxy had ever known. Loraine was sure she could find information on her past there. For eighteen days, she searched with no luck. Then at last, she found it. The record on Kaminoan cloning. It read "Jango Fett. Two clones. 1-Boba Fett 2-Unknown". As she looked into the face of Jango Fett, she knew. He was her.

"I am a ... clone? How ... " The whine of a star cruiser interrupted her musing, and a blue-clad bounty hunter stepped in. "Attention, all Jedi! This is Boba Fett, under strict orders from Lord Darth Vader. Come quietly, I beseech you." "Fett ... " Loraine had no doubts. This "Boba Fett" was her brother! "Who are you?" His blaster turned to Loraine. "Boba Fett?" she inquired gently. With a few moments of realization, Boba knew. "You're the missing clone. The girl. Father told me about you, before he died. He said you deserved the death you got. He called you an abomination. I believe it would fulfill Father's wishes to kill you now, sister. Wait ... do you have a name?" "Loraine."

"Loraine. I see," sneered Fett. "Well, in that case, Loraine, we'll have to dispose of you." He leveled his blaster and pulled back on the trigger. "STOP!" And everything seemed to move in slow motion, as Loraine fired a burst from her hand and knocked the blast away. But a burst of ... what? Fett drew in a sharp breath. "Jedi. Well, you were a twisted clone. A Jedi, too? Well, you'll have to die twice as hard." Loraine could not hide her curiosity. "What do you mean?"

Fett laughed. "You don't know? Only six days ago, the Galactic Republic becaume the Galactic Empire, ruled by the great Emperor Palpatine. I was sent by Lord Vader, his apprentice, to kill all Jedi, officially outlaws. And, sister, you are a Jedi. Die ... NOW!" Another burst flew towards Loraine, who was ready. It never touched. "Fine, then, we'll try something else." He ran towards her, fist outstretched. She collapsed to the ground. She could have sworn Fett knew that she was still alive, but he showed no sign. He turned and walked back to his ship as though she never existed, not even glancing back. But for one last thing. As he walked up the ramp, he tossed a long vibropike at her. Still not turning, he said "You'll need it."

"Wha ... " But he was already gone. "Where do I ... go?" She knew one thing. With the Jedi powers she just found out that she had, she would be an outlaw forever. And then, she saw what was sitting where the Slave I was. A smaller ship, with a watch. By it was a hologram. Fett appeared as she got close and said softly "Wear the watch, call the ship. Find me, Loraine." And he disappeared. "Boba will protect me," she breathed in realization. And to this day, she still searches, training herself the Jedi powers.


Yeah, not so great. Tell me if anything needs changing.

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