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Haden Blue

Name: Haden Blue, formaly Hirken

Nicknames: None

Age: 26

Race: Natural:Reiishiken (4th to last post on page)

Sex: Male

Blood Type: O+

Place of Birth: An underground hovel in Asiatica

Residency: Diamond Citadel

Occupation: Member of the Special Operations Squad Blue.

Alignment: Government

Picture: (Not required)

Hair: Light blond, long and jagged, his bangs are parted to the sides but the part is not continued.

Eyes: Piercing blue with white lines making his eyes look like cracked ice.

Skin: A tan white.

Other Features: On his left bicep a tattoo of a blue celtic style trinty, the symbol of his squad.

Scars/Birthmarks/Etc.: The hands of Haden are covered in the many scars of swordsmanship and gun powder burns.

Garb: A white full collar jacket with blue tubing trim around the outline of the coat, collar, pockets and major seam-lines. It goes to his waist and is left unbottoned. He wears pants of the same style which are tight fitting and flexible. He wears black steel toed army style boots with laces, not a zipper. To top it off he has a black silk neck-tie strung loosley around the collar of his jacket.

Personality: Haden is rather eccentric. He tries to be funny but usualy fails at it; he is a good person at heart but a rebel at times often straying from the conventual path to get what he wants. He has almost no sympathy for his marks, or for other people. When doing a job he does not interact with others at all, he soul mission is to do the job and nothing can distract him. Haden likes to buy expensive things for his small room in the tall towers of the government complex that houses other officals. He is like all those ruled by the government, unmovable on matters of orders. Yet he is always quick to smile or laugh, aften a glow of joy enters his eyes but is soon extinguished for he knows that he cannot attach himself to anyone.

Strengths: Haden is a creature of precision, agility and speed. Relying on them he can easily maneuver around obsticals, and preform acrobatic maneuvers while firing a gun or attacking with melee weapons. Running on walls, jumping extremely high various things allowed to him give him the ability to dodge projectiles, and other attacks with ease and secrecy usually not even letting them know of their own death. These things, common to the people of his clan through rigorous training and innate racial abilities allow him to be the perfect covert operative.

Flaws: Haden is highly susceptible to heavy hits, him being a of light weight and attacks relying on on his racial abilities. Once he is hit hard the struggle to recover is immense, he is highly susceptible to being thrown or knocked long distances. This coupled with a harsh blow would totally disable him. And despite his speed and agility, he is no superhuman and is stilled bested in these fields by many. His reliance upon his weapons is paramount, and should they prove to be ineffective, there is little else that the man would be able to do.

Skills: Haden was trained in the ways of his kind before departing from them. He is trained in the arts of the sword, gun and evasive martial arts (not those for attack but those of stealth and dodging). He also employs the life sensing powers of his race, even if it is not that strong in him.

Weapons: Haden carries the mark of his race, the sword. It is Kris in nature, being short and wavy it still has the power of bullet reflection. The blade has temper marks like that of wood grain, often called Damascus. The handle was originaly made of redwod wrapped in shark skin, but now he had replaced it with a white sythigrip handle with a red stone in the pommel. However he hardley uses this weapon and instead uses his two Semi-automatic Pistols .6 caliber with thirty-five rounds a clip. The weapons are held in a holster on his lower back, the gun handlesfacing down and crossing while the handle of his Kris points downward.

Armor: White sectioned kevlar chest plate that is wore bare under the coat.

Equipment: None other than a cell phone

Vehicle: None

History: Haden had the upbringings of any Reiishiken. He grew in seclusion, under the ever watchful eyes of his mother and father. The Hirken family lived in a clan underground in what was once a large bomb shelter near a small gun shop. His clan was very strict, never allowing anyone on the surface unless it was necissary. All of his child hood was spent learning the old tales from ancient scriptures and documents, memorizing the fables and their life meaning. Like all childern of the Clan he was forced to under go rigorus physical and mental activies each day, getting him ready for the test of the blade.

In his clan the pure blood Reiishiken, those of more asian looks, took the tests of the sword upon the age of thirteen. However Haden and the few other non-asian kids had to take the test at the age of fifteen, even if they surpassed the skills of the other Reiishiken. Yet upon his fifteenth birthday Haden did pass the test, and began the process of forging his blade. For days he gathered the metal, using broken bits of older warriors swords, gun parts, and other metal objects he smelted down he made the sheet of metal necissary. After folding and heating it it had finaly gotten to the stage that required the clay. With the touch of years of teaching he applied the substance. Letting it do it's work, Haden a few hours latter scrapped of the clay. His result was at the time dissapointing, a blade of only one and a half feet. He put the handle and grip on then showed it to his father. Instead of the praise the other recived, Haden got ridiculed. He was called less of a man and various other things, the harrasment so brutal he ran away.

Months later Haden was living on the streets when he was picked up by the police for having a weapon as he did. He was in jail, having his just been filed when a government offical took him out. The offical was looking for talented youth to train, and seeing that Haden's heritage suited his purpose the man claimed him. Haden was then made offical government property, to be inlisted in the special operations squad Blue. He was put through years of training in the art of gunmanship and stealth, playing upon his Reiishiken talents. Only once at graduating from training did he meet the other members of the squad, but he was told to not remember them so he didn't.

Haden has been given many elite jobs for the government, such as assainating syndite and gang heads. Dangerous, but a job that he was required to do neverless. He is currently waiting for his next job.

Theme Songs: Numb

RP Sample: The harsh click of heavy steel toes boots rang out through the narrow ally. A bright form walking speedily through, determined to get to their destination as the bright blue eyes shone with the fact in a cold glint. The heavy material of the jacket swung slightly back and forth with the motion of the man's muscular and tones body. A hunched over form ran ahead of him in futile effort, for she knew that at the end of this ally a red brick wall lay in her path and her stalker was gaining on her quick. Throwing back a quick look that caused her bright orange hair to fling about wildly, the man was no longer there. Then head of her as if a wraith from above the man landed kneeling on the ground in front of her, a blur of white. He turned around slowly, the moonlight reflecting from his rough blond hair and white clothing making him radiate with a angelic aura. Then she saw the glint of a pistol shaft, and it was too late. In a blink of an eye, she lay on the mudpool littered gravel ally, a stream of blood dribbling out of the whole the .6 caliber bullet had bad in the center of her forehead.

The man walked forward, placing his smoking gun back into place under the heavy material of his white jacket. He bent over the form, using the special power of his race to identfy that the woman was surely dead. He brushed aside the tangled fiery locks that surrounded her forehead to reveal the mark he was looking for, a bulet burried in the center of it. A metalic scraping sounded briefly as he extracted the Kris from its sheath in a lightning fast movement acomplished by much practice. He then with a swift slice cut the small oval of skin from her forhead and pulled it off, a trail of blood slinking down the pulpy mass of her pulverized forhead. From an inside pocket he pulled out a plastic bag and placed the patch of skin in it, sealing the thing closed with a pinch of his fingers. Haden then placed the white handled curved blade into it's sheath, the blade already cleaned off by the intense whirlwinds that constanftly surrounded it.

The Reiishiken then opened his phone with a flip and pushed number one on the speed dial. A whir of beeps and boops sounded before connecting him with the incrypted line. "Mission accomplished," he said, his deep voice soft in the harsh ally that was stained with blood and violence. He then quickly snapped it shut upon receiving the conformation beep. Now he could get some rest.

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