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Re: Fics of the Past, Present, and Future

Sounds interesting, Mirren. I've seen your writing, and this should become massive. As for mine... I've been writing about a series of SSB fanfics called "Curse of the Hand". Basically, it stars Marth, Link and Roy, and they have adventures.

The first entails them finding out that the SSB tournaments were a hoax, and Master Hand was really going to kill them. They run to Hyrule, but that gets flooded.

In the second, Marth wakes up after 3 years, to find out that Earth has been conquered by the hand and Link is evil. He and Roy save the world.

In the third, they end up on Crazy Hand's home planet, and eventually meet the evil Demon of Volcanos.

In the fourth and final, the three visit the Capital of Time, meet the Grand Master of Time, and get entwined in a political plot, ending with the death of Dragonlord, the reincarnation of the Devil.

Of course, the actual fanfics will be much more detailed. I can describe it more, if you want.

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