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Re: TP Flight ideas!!! ( long read )

I agree with the "alternate teleportation" theory. Zelda, as a game, has always been a zone-based game, meaning that the world is divided into discreet zones with defined boundaries, separated by portals and, usually, small periods of loading. Judging from the E3 demo and the trailers, it appears that TP will be the same.
Sadly, a free-form flight system is not possible in a zone-based game. Often, the zones don't actually fit together in any sort of actual geography. Interiors are often larger than exteriors, and zones would often overlap if they were actually layed out in an ordered fashion. Then there's the problem of art resources. In zone-based games, there's no reason for the art team to create resources for areas between zones. You never go to the area directly between Death Mountain and Hyrule Castle in Oot, therefore it doesn't exist. If a full-featured flight system were to be implemented, the art team would either have to fill out those zones, or create serious boundaries on the player's movement.
Even boundaries, however, might not be enough. Zone based games can usually get away with visual tricks to create a sense of distance and scale. For example, Hyrule Castle as seen from Hyrule Castle Town is merely a single textured polygon placed at the extreme of the player's vision. When the player enters the castle zone itself, THEN the castle is rendered as a full 3D object. If the player were simple able to fly up to the zone, the programmers would either have to implement rather severe fogging, or implement LOD-scaling, which is a large system drain.
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