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Re: TP Flight ideas!!! ( long read )

Originally Posted by AzKicker
My guess is that the "flying part" is simply just a fancy way of teleportation. you call your giant hawk or whatever, and fly to some position in a few seconds. *Link flies away, white screen, Link lands*
That was in Majora's Mask, the owl statues did the same thing.

I'd like to see Link escorted by the hawk to the Sky Temple. He would only be escorted to the temple and back again, he wouldn't be able to call upon a flying ability at will as that would effectively shrink an otherwise huge landscape. The same can be said about teleportation. While it's a great time saver, it makes the game feel smaller. In OoT for example, what if you couldn't get from A to B via the ocarina, but were limited to horse or foot. Wouldn't Hyrule feel bigger that way? As much as I would enjoy flight in Zelda, it would have a similar effect on the scale.

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