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Re: Thanksgiving

Originally Posted by Jims
I couldn't think of a witty title... So sue me.
We forgive you. Your wit elsewhere is awesome anyways.

Same thoughts, minus the hokey, which my family dosen't get into it at all. I think its more of a catching up day, since we rarely get to see each other(not that we live far from each other, but I think we're too lazy). I just like the gathering and the food rocks. Nothing special really. I just visit my maternal aunt and uncle. Either house, we've never really considered my own since it ...well, it used to be about our old, crappy house but I'm less sure why now considering we live in a house better than theirs. But again, the mashed potatoes and stuffing are the shizz. About the only time I ever get to eat them anyways-- well, I'm a loser. It is something to have only me and my brother this year though. And even if my cousins get it off from college/work, eh, they just don't always show up. Not that I don't understand why-- but eh.
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