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Re: Behind the Rupees: Lure of the Loot

Niiiiiice. I really like this article. The items and the adventuring are some of the great lures of Zelda.

Originally Posted by lord-of-shadow
But around the time of OoT and even earlier, with LA and its secret seashells they gradually started moving away from that method. Nowadays, items and tools are always found in dungeons, or storyline events. The thrill of discovery is gone, wiped out, and along with it goes the incentive to explore, one of the hallmarks of the Zelda series.
When Zelda moved from 2D to 3D, the sense of exploration did fizzle a little. You very rarely find major items anymore outside of dungeons. One of the things I liked about ALLTP was that there were areas that you could see, but you couldn't quite get to, which fueled the sense of adventure. I walked all the way around Lake Hylia to get the Ice Rod, but I never knew if there were islands. When I got the Zora's Flippers, that was the first thing I checked out. More exploration.

I mean, look at Death Mountain (ALLTP). That area is filled with "pointless" caves, there for the sake of exploration. Part of the fun of exploring Death Mountain was entering the cave and just seeing what was down there. Most of the time, nothing. Sometimes, a Piece of Heart.

I've gone off tangent a little. I think they've really cheapened the exploration aspect of the games by rewarding us with Skulltulas or Kinstones. Travelling through dark caves to find an important item... Well, it just feels more rewarding to me.

Good article. *thumbs up*
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