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Re: Have you ever had to rat out your friends?

Unfortunatly, I was in a situation where I was asked to rat out a friend. On our bus, there is a girl, a friend of the busdriver's daughter, who was constantly looking at my friend and her friend, a guy named Jordan, through the mirror at the front of the bus. I suppose they got annoyed by this, and pointed their middle finger up at the girl. I didn't actually see this happen, but my friend confirmed that it did. They meant it to be harmless fun.

Apparently, the busdriver's daughter mistook the gesture as directed at her, and cried after the bus let out. The busdriver checked the videotape (they tape us on the bus), and saw the middle finger get pointed up, though I believe they only saw Jordan do it. The busdriver confronted my friend and Jordan, and they got in trouble. My friend warned me I'd be called to the office during school, and surely enough, I was taken out of class by a very annoying man. He asked me what I had seen my friend do, and I told the truth and said I saw nothing. He tried to get more out of me, but I wouldn't budge. I was sent back to class, and that was that. My friend got off easy, but Jordan was suspended from the bus.

I'm just lucky it wasn't anything truly serious.
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