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Re: Explosions in London

First off, my deepest sympathies go out to those hurt by the attacks.

Now, these are not by insurgents mad that we are in Iraq. These are terrorists, or more accurately, Islamo-facists, on a religious jihad against non-muslims.
Tragically, jihad ideology will not disappear soon. It is shaping the minds of a generation of young Muslims in many countries. Jihad ideology is a well-constructed system, created after the death of the prophet Mohammed. It has remained alive and well since then except under secularized Muslim governments like that of Turkey, after the Kemalist revolution. It is delusional and dangerous to maintain that this ideology is rooted in social deprivation, backwardness, injustice, or despair. Moreover, paying subsidies to suspend global jihad terrorism is tantamount to paying a tribute to terrorist states, and buying one's own peace and security as temporarily ransomed privileges instead of living by the principles of universal human rights, which proclaim the inviolability of every human being. Societies that pay a tribute to survive are destined to disappear.
More on their jihad:

Anybody who thinks that waving protest flags will stop people determined enough in their goal that they'll kill themselves if it means taking out a bunch of "infidels" is not going to work. Look how well that plan worked during our last presidential election. George Bush still got elected.
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