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Re: Amount of Time Between Games

Originally Posted by The Baton of the Wind View Post
I don't know how much time is between SS and MC, MC and FS, and FS and OoT but between each seems to be quite a great deal of time. Especially between SS and MC
Hundreds, if not thousands, of years pass between the pre-split games and their backstories for sure. Between Skyward Sword and its backstory is thousands of years; between Skyward Sword and The Minish Cap is an unknown era, the Era of Chaos, the Era of Prosperity and finally the beginning of the Force Era and the War of the Bound Chest said to be "countless generations" ago, making the overall timespan thousands of years; between The Minish Cap and Four Swords is the escape and resealing of Vaati by an unseen Link who disappeared, and the Four Swords Sanctuary has become very ancient and overgrown, hinting at hundreds of years in the least; there is no way of determining how much time passes between Four Swords and Ocarina of Time.

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