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If I blog about bird watching will hunters exploit my info?- PLEASE READ & HELP

I decided to make my own thread for this because I want to get as many people as possible to give me opinions so I can make my decision off of the majority rule.

I have taken up bird watching this past year and have become quite passionate about doing it. I go on bird watching outings at least once a week in the countryside, a park, in the wild, where ever. Recently I have noticed I find the same species of birds in the same exact locations, so I now know what to expect to see when going to those places.

I now want to share my discoveries by starting a blog for other birders to read. In my blog I will make entries of where to find certain birds (exact locations) so that birders can more easily sight certain ones they've been wanting to see/watch/mark off on their check list.

However there is now a problem stopping me from doing this. A friend of mine asked me last night, "What if hunters/poachers use your blog to find those birds they've been looking for and hunt them?". I felt this was a very valid point and now I don't know what to do.

Most of the birds I'd be blogging about are small(passerines) and probably don't have people wanting to hunt them. However other birds, such a pheasants, grouse, quails, waterfowl and wild turkey, could be in danger by my blog.

So what is YOUR opinion? :

1. Should I not make the blog at all because you think there is a great possibility hunters will exploit my blog?

2. Should I only put those birds that are not usually hunted in my blog?


3. Should I not worry about it and go ahead making my blog since you think the only people who would read it are other birders?

EDIT: I am not AGAINST hunting, but I don't want to make the blog to help hunters find these birds. That wouldn't be it's purpose and I'd be upset if that's what it turned into for some. It's purpose is to help birders, not hunters, find these birds.
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