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Re: Zelda difficulty

The problem with increasing the penalty for a death is that the game makers would also be more inclined to reduce the overall difficulty in order to make dying harder to come by. I think they should stick with increasing the actually gameplay difficulty, rather than the penalties, which is, as someone other kid said already, "fake difficulty." However, I do agree that there should be some sort of penalty after dying, though nothing too far greater than why we already have. After a death, they should reive the character with the initial amount of hearts given at the beginning of the game and the magic meter completely empty, which is already done in most of the games. If in a dungeon, the player restarts at the beginning, with all enemies respawned (excluding mini-bosses), and with the reversible puzzles reset. However, the player's progress in the dungeon would be saved. This is almost exactly like Ocarina of Time.

Enemies need to be harder to fight and hit, but not necessarily have more health. Dungeons could be more expansive and have a better mix of enemies an puzzles (more enemies). The 3D Zelda's are for the most part lacking in difficulty when it comes to killing enemies and getting through dungeons (Ocarina of Time is an exception). Skyward Sword's Hero Mode fixed nothing at all. Enemies had more health, but if you know how to play the game this is no problem. Just more tedious. Majora's Mask tried to be difficult by adding the 3-Day Cycle, but the dungeons, enemies, and bosses were piss easy, far more so than in Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess.

For the most part, enemies need to be far harder to fight, handholding needs to go (Fi and Tatl), and Heart Pieces need to be FAR more difficult to collect.
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