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Re: Just a Bump in the Road (Sakume, Altamira)

Shinu nodded sagely. "Yes, yes, that's what I was thinking. What an attractive and intelligent mate I have, and how about-" he paused as the illusionary person reappeared.

"Boss, I've got an update on this guy you made me look for."

"Oh for the love of..." Shinu mumbled as he looked at the illusion. "What the hell could you POSSIBLY need right now?" the wizard asked as he clenched one of his hands very tightly.

"Well... he's kinda... weird?"

Shinu face-palmed. "All right, I'll bite, what do you mean, 'weird'?"

"This guy is kinda... hollow. Like everything that was once important in his life has vanished or something. Are you sure he's what you're looking for."

Shinu laughed out, trying to choke the illusion before he recalled it was an illusion. Coughing and dusting off his clothing, he nodded. "Yes, in fact, that makes this easier. The less will of his own he has, the more powerful the pawn will become. He only needs to be powerful. Use those items I gave you to entrap him and we can do things the EFFECTIVE way."

The illusion nodded and shifted back as the man creating it adjusted his glasses again. "BUt of course. I'll be back momentarily with this person."

With that, the illusion faded.

The dark mage sighed. "Never get a moment of peace, I swear. Its..." Shinu mumbled angrily as he looked at Sakume. "I'm sorry, back to what we were doing... before the idiot brigade returns," Shinu stated as he swept his mate off her feet.


The man adjusted his glasses again as he looked at the man before him. This person was some kind of unusually tall person, that was for certain. He probably stood about six-and-a-half feet tall at maximum height, but perched upon a stone as he was, the broken man was still tall.

"I'm not sure what the boss wants with you... I mean, you're hardly anything but a shell that used to possess a soul. Well, look at the bright side, destroying everything you've ever loved makes your life so much easier," watcher said as he spun around the man, smiling. "It means you can't lose anything else. No one else can take anything from you. All that's left is for you to surrender your will... and that begins... here..." the glasses wearing man stated as he removed a crown and placed it upon the auburn haired man's head and smiled.

"If you're as strong as the boss assesses you are, then you'll be what we need to keep the queen busy while the boss kills the king. I, personally, have no stake in killing these curs. In truth, I don't know a damn one of 'em and ain't none of 'em ever done wrong by me... but orders are orders. And that's how its gotta be for now," the white-haired man said with a smile upon his face as he sat down. Now he'd watch as the magic in that crown made this fight less difficult.


"Just because I can't dodge..." Zorlo stated aura began to swirl around him, "doesn't mean I can't defend myself!" the fencer stated as a powerful surge of aura formed a shield that repelled the ice blades into the ground randomly.

Zachary spun his staff as he shifted and slashed his blade, launching an icy slash at the green-haired man.

Zorlo held his left-index finger out as he slashed with a slightly transformed finger and fired a wave of aura. A powerful clash of the two attacks met for a second before the ice blade fell in snowflakes towards the ground.

The ice mage smiled. "Good enough," he said as he rested the spear against the ground.

A volley of photon arrows began ripping into Zorlo's back and body, scorching and burning at his body with each arrow that struck. Standing on a platform of photon energy, Monroe continued to launch his relentless volley of energy at the Aura Master. "I can't stop... or he can move..." the Technological Quincy stated with a smile.

"Oh really?" Zorlo asked as his head spun around suddenly and his body burst into green wind before reforming on the ground. "That hurt a bit... but defeated... no, just no..." the fencer stated as his body continued smoking. The wounds began to heal and his clothing began to mend as the fencer smiled. "You two learned to work together... and fight against me... how long have I been gone?" Zorlo asked, chuckling.
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