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3D Dot Game Heroes

So from the makers of games like Demon's Souls, this is a very Zelda-inspired game for the PS3. It's basically a tribute to the old 2D Zeldas, mostly the first Zelda. Some might say this is just a rip-off and blah blah, but I having been a Zelda fan for ages think this is a pretty cool game.
You can even change characters or make your own from scratch.

The plot is pretty similar to Zelda but with a funny twist to it.

As you can see it's very blocky, inspired by the good ol' pixels of oldschool gaming.
You can also level your sword's power - including its width and length - letting you make massive swings all across the area. It's like Zelda on steroids. Almost.

So I'm curious what do you all think of this game? Especially you Zelda-fans - do ya think it's just a rip-off or do you actually enjoy playing a game like Zelda?

I for one think it's damn good that someone made a game like this. It's definitely a gem in the PS3 library if ya ask me. I don't give a fudge that this is so similar to Zelda, that's all the more reason to enjoy it. It's done in such an obvious way, it's obviously a tribute to Zelda. So why not enjoy it?

EDIT: Seems there's already a thread for this (Zelda Substitutes) mods feel free to move my post there if you feel it's necessary
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