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Re: Temple of Time+Master Sword=Time Gates?

Originally Posted by tlozbj View Post
The town could have been move to protect the people if a evil ever attack. They left the older one to be loss in the forest so that only the true courageous hero could get and no evil to ever get the Triforce.
I doubt this--the Sages don't exactly have a reason to hide the Master Sword, do they?

But here's a new theory. They left the old Castle Town in what would eventually become the Twilight Princess Temple of Time, simply because the old one was too damaged after the battle with Ganondorf.

And hey, this isn't exactly a new theory. I'm just using it as an argument to find which ToT is the one in Ocarina of Time. I suppose we can conclude that the one we're searching for is, indeed, the Sealed Temple.
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