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Re: Temple of Time+Master Sword=Time Gates?

Originally Posted by Animateur View Post
I theorize that this section of the desert that gets rejuvinated is where the Temple of Time in Skyward Sword is! It is the location of a Time Gate, and is considered to be a sacred spot to most Hyruleans. So why not build the new Castle Town here? It's perfect.

But the problem is, that's not where Castle Town is located during OOT. It makes perfect sense for Twilight Princess, and many other theories can confirm that.

So where is the Temple of Time in OOT? The Sacred Grounds. It is the only other Time Gate location in Skyward Sword--and it is near where Lake Hylia is suspected to be in OOT. Derp.
Actually, Lake Hylia from OoT would be the Lanaryu Provenience of SS, wouldn't it? I think you are onto something here, but I think it's the other way around.

I think the Temple of Time in Skyward Sword gets rebuilt into the Temple of Time in OoT, modeled after the Sealed Grounds Temple. While that Temple itself eventually goes on to be the Temple of Time in TP. Well, maybe, maybe not. I think the fact that Skyward Sword made an effort to introduce two potential Temple of Times means something, at least, and helps bridge the gap between the disconnect between OoT's ToT and TP's. So, one of us is onto something, at least. XD
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