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Rumor: Sega of Europe closing, Sega no longer making AAA games, going mobile/digital.

Update: False.

Rumor: Sega Europe about to close, no more Sega AAA, focusing on digital only - NeoGAF

Basically like the title says. Sega of Europe and all local European branches are closing. Sega (it's unclear if this is just Europe or all of Sega) is no longer developing AAA budget games, and they're shifting their focus to digital and mobile games. Apparently their final AAA game will be announced at this E3.

I don't like posting rumors, but this one seems major with a lot of stuff to back it up. Like their recent restructuring, their their announcement that they won't be at Gamescom this year, their E3 lineup this year being pitifully small (with three of seven being downloadable only and a fourth being Super Monkey Ball), and Sega West's president leaving this summer. All of that on top of their well known financial problems they've been having lately.

I didn't grow up with Sega, but I still enjoy their games. If this rumor is true, I feel for all the Sega fans that had to go through the highs of the Genesis only to be followed by them pulling out of the console business and now this. I hope Sony, Nintendo, Capcom, or anyone really can buy the rights to Sonic and Sega's other games.
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