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Re: LoZ Technology

Originally Posted by Pie Master View Post
And from an in-game point of view, those games are in a timeline where Ganon reigned (even if for a [bigger] while) so things may have gotten rough, and restoring became a bigger priority than advancing
You have captured a point I overlooked in my original post. because they were focused on rebuilding after Ganon each time, they didn't advance. And another point around the Triforce, it's not unusual in a "utopian" society for advancement to cease and we are meant to believe that the people of Hyrule are pretty happy (except when they're not), so why make things better when they're already perfect. Countless episodes of countless science fiction shows have played on this idea.


Mister Blak actually kind of pointed out my extra theory piece while I was originally posting, apparently, lol
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