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I had a sheltie named Sandy who was the cutest little thing ever.

She would love to herd us whenever we were outside or running around. She also loved to attack our feet, pull on our hair and chew on our ears. She was very gentle though and never hurt us, although as a puppy she would rip holes in our socks all the time until she figured out how not to tear the fabric.

She ❤❤❤❤ing LOVED lotion. If somebody put lotion on their legs or something she was like sprint over there to link it off. It was like cat nip of her.

She also loved air hockey. Whenever we would be playing it, she would barrel downstairs and hop up on the table and start pawing and parking at the puck.

She also loved car rides, especially when we were visiting my grandparents. (She didn't like car rides to the vet though.)

She was terrified of other animals. Like when I tried taking her to a dog training class, she refused to do anything, even when I bribed her with food. Like these dogs would be doing backflips and ❤❤❤❤ and my dog would be just like "no, I'm gonna hide under this chair, k?"

She was a huge mooch as well. If you ignored her during dinner she would whine and poke you with her nose until you gave her food.

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