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How do you think towns will be in twilight princess So far I have noticed many thoughts such as:

-Towns will be huge and full of interaction.
-Towns will be far apart.
-Towns will likely have outlying farms.
-Towns will have large buildings.
- I think they will have bars, or restaurants.
- They will likely have a lot of detail.
-Since there is a war going on there may be soldiers as you get closer to Hyrule.
-I think there will be castles in some of them.
There will likely be an enemy city in the twilight realm which once belonged to the Hylians.
-I am pretty sure that there will be hotels.
-Hopefully there will be some sort of relegious building in the main town.
-It would be cool if the major cities have walls.
-Everyone should have a house.
-Shops should be useful and full of things such swords and maces.

I have many more thoughts on this so I must get back to you later.
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