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Re: The Truth About Girl Gamers (and how women are portrayed in games)

Originally Posted by cloneofshadow View Post
Dead or Alive is a great fighter. Just because it has awesome boob psychics and revealing outfits it doesn't mean the game is awesome. Again it has awesome boob psychics.
I have to say that there's a lot of good stuff in DOA. The combat system, for example, is excellent. And the boobs have been toned down recently. However, the games' association with the godawful pile of porn that was DOAX makes it kinda embarrassing to play.

OT, girl gamers have never been a shock for me. When I arrived at the gaming scene (recently), one of the first games I ever got was SSBB. The best person I knew at that was, and still is, a girl. Infact, when I got into online gaming, I was really surprised that there weren't any girls.
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