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The Truth About Girl Gamers (and how women are portrayed in games)

and Part 2:

I found this interesting because it addresses a lot of things ive been pondering for most of the years as a gamer. In the first video, the girl goes on to explain that a lot of Nintendo owners are actually ladies and why that is. Because a lot of Nintendo titles are based on the concept of "Everyone should play" more than "hey look at this awesome hardcore game!" She also makes a point about collecting all the Chaos Gems in Sonic and calling it casual. lololol

When i was kid, i played games at arcades. If i was pretty good at the game, small crowds would gather. It was due to two things: I was pretty damn young at the time, but also a girl. A ten year old girl whooping the ass of a 15 year old boy at Street Fighter II was kinda....unusual in those days. Also a girl who could get to stage 22 on Afterburner on a single quarter was quite odd. The boys' minds would boggle. (This was the 80s and very early 90s, people)

Another thing is that females in games in general were a bit scarce. Its why Samus was such a thing back in the day. Not only was she a lady but she was an asskicking lady. For years, Samus kicked intergalactic ass. Then Other M came out and make her all....well...not like she was. It pissed off so many people. Men and women alike. I think this actually shows a bit of progress in terms of how ladies are portrayed in games. These days, guys dig stronger female roles and not just sexualized or overly feminine characters. Sadly, that doesnt stop games like DoA being made. Games that are nothing but eye candy. D:

The vids dont showcase RPGs much because things get more complicated there. The ladies in RPGs (JRPGs especially) are portrayed in a myriad of ways. While we do have the overly feminine childhood friend of the main hero, we also have a sex symbol character, a badass female character, and an energetic peppy girl. Some RPGs totally invert that. Like Valkyrie Profile. I actually thought VP was designed especially with women in mind because of how deep the main character is. (in the first one at least.) Shes extremely strong and almost cold but she goes through a lot of emotional stuff, while still remaining a very strong character. Thats hella rare, man. So when i first played that game, my mind. It boggled.

Anyway, discuss!

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