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Re: On Dark Tides [Complete]

“Tell ye what, matey!” Marie said. “Ye seem like a good kind o' guy! I'll accompany ye on yer trip, bring along some fireworks in case the Kraken attacks, and when we arrive at yer destination, I get a barrel or two o' that brandy. Might ask more if things get rough durin' the trip. Arr!”

Without even waiting for a response, Marie got a grappling hook, latched it onto the mast of the Hellborn, and jumped. She would've made a very graceful landing had there been no guardrail in her way.

Merde!” she said as she got up again. “All right, Cap'n! I'd like to borrow two cannons and a rocket fun time surprise from the ship! Oh, and get me stuff! I figure we'll bump into each other soon enough, but if not, we'll meet up at Port Royal, savvy? Arr!”

As the crew of the Irritated Octopus went to work, Marie turned to the old man. “I don't think I've introduced meself yet!” she said. “Mad Marie the Detonator be the name! I can tell ye're not from around here, so tell me who ye are and where ye be from!”