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Re: On Dark Tides [Complete]

“Ahoy, Cap’n! Ship spotted!” Black Bill said from the crow’s nest. “Almost directly in front of us! She seems to be headin’ north-west!”

“ARR! Hoist the sails! Turn to port! We’ll cut ‘em off!” Cap’n Screamin’ Steven said. The ship came closer. It was only a small vessel, gleaming in the sunlight.

“Well shiver me timbers!” the Cap’n said. “I don’t see any guns on that thar ship! If it were attacked it be a sittin’ duck! I be havin’ half a mind to plunder everythin’ worth plunderin’ from it. Better we get the loot than the Kraken does. Arr!”

“Wait,” Marie said, “they be utterly defenceless? What say we offer ‘em some help with that? Sell ‘em some guns or even offer an escort? Their ship be lookin’ awful fancy, so if that be any indication, we’re dealin’ with people that can pay for our help ‘ere! Arr!”

“Good thinkin’ thar, matey!” the Cap’n said. “Ye think we’re close enough for them to hear us yet if we try to talk?”

“That be only one way to find out!” Marie replied. “AHOY THAR, MATEYS! Ye’re lookin’ mighty vulnerable thar! I think ye might be interested in our help, if ye don’t want to get eaten by the Kraken!”