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Re: Like a Dream (Altamira)

"A little glow can't be bad, I'm sure of it!" Zachary said as he continued to glow for a few more seconds before it faded again slightly. "My body is just overflowing with magical energy flowing through it more rapidly than ever. It'll fade as time goes on, I'm sure of it," Zachary stated with a smile at Arietta as he spun around. "Plus, most people won't be able to perceive or ponder it easily. Still, if you're worried, we can stay in," Zachary said as he hugged her. "After all, I wouldn't want you to be worried for me."


Monroe sat on the roof, the visor system deployed from his headphones as he began to scan around again. "Hmm... It's been too quiet of late. Far too quiet. Zachary asked me to make him a robe and 'denza's been heading to that country for odd hours of the day... Something is clearly going on that I haven't been made privy too. Annoying as hell," the dark clad man stated as he stood up and cracked his neck. "To make matters worse, Tracey still isn't home. I know she's got good reason to be busy, but I miss her."

Monroe stepped forwards as a door into the attic of the roof opened and the Quincy headed into his home. "I'll just have to surveillance them more closely then. If they're not gonna kindly share why everyone is being so strange, I need to find out myself. It's all a matter of time, I guess."
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