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Designer of the Moment

Over the years we've had many talented graphic designers, digital artists, and computery-art people come through the community that is ZU.
A few of them, though, have taken the time to let us see just how talented they are, through tutorials, galleries, and sigshops. This thread is where we'll honor them.

This is...

Logo and name are subject to change.

About DotM:
DotM is a new endeavor to bring the spotlight onto the extremely talented graphic designers, digital artists, and other computery-graphics people we have here on ZU. The artists get Artist of the Moment, and the gfx'ers deserve something just as good.

This will also help bring more people to our wonderful Graphics Design board here in our home away from home, the Creativity Corner. When people see this, as well as when they see AotM, they'll feel inspired to be just as good as the people who've been featured, and we'll get more gorgeous graphics to stare at until our eyes fall out. ;3
How you can help:
This isn't just going to be some staff-selected person who a few site staffers and mods think is okay to be the DotM. We want YOU to help us decide who's currently the best graphics maker person on ZU. You can do this pretty easily, believe it or not.

Just send me a PM entitled "DotM Nomination" or at least something along those lines. We'll put their name in the sorting hat and put them in a house based on their personality, interests, and inner thoughts weigh their good qualities and bad qualities to find the perfect one to receive this honor.
List of Award Recipients:


Now without further ado,
Our first ever Designer of the Moment is...


Navii_ is rather new here at ZU, but that doesn't change the fact that she has amazing and experienced graphical talent. Soon after joining up, she opened a signature shop here in the GD, and her popularity skyrocketed. Her signatures are very traditional (in a good way!) in the world of sig banners, but they all have a certain flair that only she can achieve.
Here's some examples of her work done on ZU so far:
Spoiler: Look inside for Navii_'s work!  

Not only does she have a sig shop, but she also has a tutorial "classroom." Instead of doing tutorials individually, she has her Navii_ themed tutorials all in one convenient thread, as if it was a classroom on how to make graphics as good as hers. You can find the tutorial thread here. Be sure to post your results after following these awesome tutorials in the classroom!

As is the same with the Artist of the Moment, her sig shop/graphics gallery will be stickied with the tag [Designer of the Moment], so you can find it easier. It will be this way for the next month.
The End:
And that concludes our first ever Designer of the Moment. Please remember to PM me any nominations you may have for next month's designer so that you can be a part of someone achieving this award!
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