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Re: Question about Firefox?

Being a user of various browsers (Internet Explorer*, Firefox** and Chrome***), i can say that using either an alternative browser to Internet Explorer is still recommended.

IE is on version 9 at the moment, and with Windows 8 coming in the Autumn, there is the impending release of IE10. Microsoft claim it is more secure, but i'm not convinced and neither are other people. As Tonch mentioned, browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc are updated more frequently. And as such, some are on version 18.

Plus, by using an alternative browser, you get the joys of add-ons. Such as colours for tabs, social network add-ons, news add-ons. You name it, there is most likely an add-on for it.

I mean, there are loads of browsers out there for taking a look at. Me personally, i recommend leaving the dreads of Internet Explorer behind and jump over to something more stable and safe

* Only used to install an alternative browser, and to sort out my Mum's account

** My main browser

*** Alternative browser, also used to sort out Dad's account.

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