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Re: Like a Dream (Altamira)

Zach blinked a few times at her statements. "Why would I marry Monroe? He's already got a girlfriend, and the only person I wanna marry is Arietta," Zachary stated as he scratched his cheek. He'd never really understood things like this. Perhaps it was that 'Sarcasm' thing that he still couldn't fully grasp... or use effectively. One never truly knew, but still, Zach felt it was probably not worth worrying about too much.

"Anyway, you're right. I forgot that Kate's waiting for you! Get home already!" he told her, smiling widely at her as he spun around and thought for a moment. "But you shouldn't give me secrets. You know how awful I am at keeping those. I always get so uptight around the person that I have to almost keep from talking," Zachary said as his eyes began to spin in his head before he finally stopped and sighed. "ANyway, bye!" Zachary said as he spun about once more to look at her before he burst into snowflakes and seemed to vanish away. He would head home for now.
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