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Name: Raisha Seraph, but doesn’t go by that name (for now). She refers to herself as a Seraph, however.

AKA: Sera Seraph. Raisha calls her “Seraphita”, after a book.

Occupation: Mercenary (in Ebel and Chandelier)/Devil Hunter/World Treader (One who travels the Samsara Network to other worlds, freely of her own will)

Age/Birthdate: Late teens/Born 1028 AD on a parallel Earth. Saved from her fate by Raisha and taken in under her wing, travelling to different worlds from then on.

Apparent Age: Around nineteen or twenty. Her body will continue to age until her powers reach maturity.

Gender: Female

Race: Demiluvian – The offspring of an Antediluvian and a human. The Antediluvian are the thirteen children of Lilith (daughter of Lucifer) and Cain (the first murderer, entering into Lucifer’s favour). The Antediluvian are said to wield God-like power and are said to be the beginning of the bloodlines of vampires. They are also said to slumber for centuries at a time, awakening for only a few years to feed before going back to rest. There is a prophecy that says that when all Antediluvians awaken from their slumber at once; the world will drown in an inexorable tide of blood. The Demiluvian suffers no drawbacks by being half human, other than the fact that their powers have to mature; they will grow more powerful over time (years, where they become full Antediluvians without need to sleep for years) rather than being powerful from the start. Demiluvians inherit eye colour and skills/powers of their father/mother Antediluvian. Antediluvians and Demiluvians are regarded as demons.

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 125lbs

Eye Color: A striking, lively but intense gold.

Hair Color/Style: Straight and jet black, reaching just past her shoulders.

General Appearance:


Black hair cascades around a light, not coldly pale, heart-shaped face. Her gold eyes are incredibly piercing, but also very fiery and lively, much more so than Raisha or Rain’s. Her face is smooth and there are no blemishes to speak of, though one will find a few touches of makeup that enhance her features.

She is of small frame and lean, far from voluptuous and curvy, but her attractive features are not lost. Her primary hunter’s wear consists of black gloves that reach to half her forearms and boots that reach up to her knees. The heels of the boots are about one inch in height. She wears black bellbottom pants that is not too fitting, but easy to maneuver in. Above this, she usually wears a white top that covers her shoulders and barely covers her belt. All this is usually wrapped in her own black and gold (a colour scheme favoured by the Seraphs) cloak, with the hem and wrists being lined with gold and a white, asian dragon printed on the length of the left sleeve.

Her casual outfit usually consists of a long-sleeved slip-on shirt (various colours and patterns in her closet) and a pleated, coloured skirt covering short, black tights. The skirt reaches just above her knees, while her tall boots stop just before. The tall white and black boots have laces that run all the way up her shins, rather than the zippers from her work boots. The heels are an inch higher as well. The gloves she wears with this outfit are white, and don’t pass her wrists. In her hair, she usually wears a white hairband

Her at-home outfit is usually just a black tights that’s covered by a large t-shirt.


Daevas Arm: Rain/“Icarus”: A Daevas Arm is a weapon usually forged from two opposing forces and made to work as one. In this case, the weapon used Rain’s angelic side, as well as his vampyric side. It is forged from and imbued with the entirety of his powers. Only a select few related to him by blood (Raisha, Sera, Rain’s father and Rain’s children) can wield it properly. However, only Rain can unleash its true potential. It is both a katana and sheath, as both are needed to be effective.

It is a long katana, overall, five feet in length. The handle is one foot long, and the blade is four. The handle is wrapped taut in white silk that never seems to get dirty. A gold pommel with the design of a dragon etched into it caps off the handle, however two stray ribbons of silk, each about six or seven inches long, remain loose from just under the pommel. A circular golden guard separates the white handle from the shimmering, absurdly sharp blade. The sheath is jet black and slightly longer than the blade it houses by at least two inches. At the end of the sheath, however, is that same intricate gold design that’s seen on the pommel, however, it is larger and the serpent appears to be crawling up the sheath. The sword and sheath grant her special abilities and powers wants she’s holding on to either.

Because of the nature of the sword, Rain trains her in iaijutsu (martial art that focuses on drawing the sword and attacking in one swift and deadly motion) and iaido (an art that focuses on attacking with both the sword and sheath).

Summon Sword: The sword itself can be summoned or made to dissipate in the same manner as Rain’s wings. It appears and disappears in a blink of an eye. Black feathers drop from the weapon as soon as it appears. They disintegrate just before touching the ground.

Peerless: The blade’s cutting power increases the more it is swung. The more it charges, the more the blade shimmers a silvery colour. At its highest charge, the sword can cut right through anything with incredible ease (hot knife through butter is an understatement). The sword will remain in this state until sheathed.

Gold Blossom/Charge: Sheathing the blade brings the Cut Potential back down to its original state, but the charge is stored in the sheath. The amount of charge is shown in the colour of the dragon design. It shimmers at its brightest when the charge is full. At this point, the charge can be used to do several things (marked with “(Charge)”).

Rose Tempest (Charge): The sheath itself can be used as a second sword, as sharp as the katana, for as long as needed. The charge does not deplete.

Autumn’s Leaves (Charge): By sheathing and drawing the katana at a certain speed, long-distance attacks are made possible. The attacks are seen as a bright, white slashing motion, and have the same power as the fully charged sword. Only three are capable with a full charge, after which, the charge in the sheath is depleted.

Ashes to Ashes: The Dance Macabre (Charge) : The sword and sheath combine to unleash a nasty, incredibly powerful barrage of slashes in a 180 degree arc in front of her, at speeds almost undetectable to the eye. The final blow is a powerful combination of sword and sheath, both fully charged. The sword is sheathed just before the final blow. It releases an unearthly silver, smokey glow and is wielded like a baseball bat to blow back all enemies in front of her. Completely depletes all the charge.

Serene Heart: A series of three dashes in either direction for at most, ten metres each. She can use this to quickly sidestep and circle or quickly move closer to an enemy, using the dashes in quick succession. They’re so fast, her figure blurs and appear to disappear for a brief moment before reappearing at the end of the dashes.

Aerial Grace: The dashes done in midair, however, limited to only two in succession and only forward or backward.

Winter’s Shoulder: By spinning the sword (using the loose strands of silk), she can create a circular shield in front of her, capable of blocking bullets. The movement also increases the charge in the sword.

Butterfly Hike: Sera can perform a very high or far jump, or slow her fall with the help of this ability. When she uses it, a large pair of butterfly wings (greatly resembling Rain’s Cruenta Inferos) appears briefly on her back to flap once (usually at the apex of a jump or before reaching the ground, if landing) before disappearing again in the blink of an eye.

Devil Arm: Raisha/“Lady Aegis and Madam Dreadnaught”:
Each one made a sound like a swift crash of thunder when they were fired, and the flare from the barrel of each shot lit up the area like lightning.
Two Colt M1911 handguns which boast incredible abilities along with a plethora of customized features, including extended barrels. One gun is noticeably black and gold (Madam Dreadnaught), and the other (Lady Aegis) is silver and gold, with magazine releases, hammers, safety switches and triggers being gold on both guns. They also have ergonomic wood grips which are inlaid with golden emblems; a downward pointing sword for Dreadnaught and a shield for Aegis. The only other difference in looks is that Lady Aegis’ ejection port is on the left side (it’s meant to be wielded with the left hand), so that spent shells are ejected away from the user. Both guns are chambered for .45 ACP rounds, holding twelve each. On the inward facing side of both guns, the words “For Seraphita” are engraved in gold. On the outward facing side, the names of the guns are also engraved in gold. Only Sera and Raisha can create bullets using their own power, other than that both guns grant her several abilities and powers.
Single | Dreadnaught: Charges up Dreadnaught to fire all twelve bullets in quick succession. The recoil is so much that Sera needs both hands to contain it. The overload of power then causes the bullets to explode inside the target.

Shatter | Dreadnaught: A special bullet that is created by drawing in the surrounding souls of the dead. The attack is a smaller version of Raisha’s “Nihil Statera”; it only creates a single bullet that keeps going until it hits something. At its most powerful it can disintegrate titanium, at its least, it can shatter steel. The power increases depending on location (more souls = more power).

Stinger | Dreadnaught: A very quick dash forward (almost at the speed of Natural Grace), where Dreadnaught is shoved into the target and fired upon impact with the force of a shotgun, to send an enemy flying or shred them in two.

Stoic | Aegis: Makes her skin hard as steel once she’s using (not just merely holding, or having it on her person) Aegis. Smaller pistols and steel blades will have no effect on her. Higher calibur guns, magical weapons and attacks will pierce right through the defense.

Static | Aegis: Increases her pain tolerance and gives her the ability to not be pushed back or moved by any kind of force as long as Aegis is wielded.

Stare | Aegis: Gives her the ability to see living beings and nothing more, even if there are walls between them and her. In this mode of vision, everything else becomes black and she is able to see shining silhouettes of everything with a soul. The duller the soul shines, the healthier the person. If the soul is shining brightly, it means the person is near death, and the soul is ready to leave the body. Can only be activated if holding the gun.

Shuffle | Both: She can use the force of the gunshots to keep a target suspended in mid-air. Depending on the weight of the target, the gunshots can send them higher, keep them around the same level or make them fall slower.
Armor: None.

Carried Possessions:
- Mobile Samsara Terminal – A small device the size of a cellphone (usually kept on her bike, but can be detached when necessary) that allows her to set up a Samsara Gateway directly back to her and Raisha’s basement back in Ebel. It’s used to transport items, even people, as well as herself when needed. The Gate can only be opened on a flat wall or level ground. If the device is destroyed, she’ll need to find her original point of entry and go back home through there.

Other: Her usual mode of transportation is a very large, futuristic, silvery bike, with spheres instead of wheels, enabling it to roll in any direction or even spin on the spot at high speeds. There are moveable boosters on either side that fire off at times to stabilize the contraption.

The bike is operated mostly by a touchscreen that’s between the handlebars (used for steering, although the touchscreen can suffice). There’s even an autopilot function.

The bike is also incredibly loud; if the bike is revved in an enclosed area, it can cause temporary deafness to people nearby. Seraphitia named it something in Estonian (Saravia, which simply means “Shiny”), but in English, its nickname is “Baby”.

There is also a sports bike and a dirt bike for racing and stunt events. She also owns a stunt bicycle.

The Art of Movement | Skill: Because of the massive speed gap between the older Raisha and Seraphitia (she can reach nowhere near the speeds Raisha or Rain can accomplish, it is just that of a slightly more athletic human) Raisha instead taught her how to speed up her movements by flowing around obstacles. The Art of Movement (aka Parkour, or Free-Running) teaches the fluidity of motion, making obstacles almost non-existent as the runner slides under, goes over, or even run across or up. Even large gaps are made to be easily overcome. The runner must also be observant and aware of his or her surroundings and its opportunities, so they will be able to use their environments to their advantage in any situation. Due to her inherited strength and still formidable speed, this skill is a snap for her to use, and makes it easy for her to incorporate it into her sword and gun skills.
Limits: None
Side-Effects: None

Vanish | Power: To all scanners, biological or machine, she appears to be very very human. Her strength and power cannot be detected by anyone or anything, no matter their power, race or status. This is one mark of an Antediluvian; no one can discern one walks among everyone else unless their power is shown. Even Rain’s Perceptia cannot detect her.
Limits: None
Side Effects: None

Alta Perceptia | Power: She can detect non-human beings at all times. Each has a different ‘aura’ she can see faintly, but when not in her line of sight, she can feel their presence. No matter their ability to conceal themselves; she can even detect others like her, or even full Antediluvians.
Limits: None
Side Effects: None

Fornax | Power:
The ability to forge angel or devil arms from the souls of angels or demons. To acquire the soul, the angel or demon must be very recently killed. The powers and strengths of the weapons depend on the demon or angel themselves. A stronger being would create a stronger weapon. The soul takes the form of a weapon that usually suits the wielder.
Limits: None
Side Effects: None

Aequo | Power: The ability to immediately use the full potential of an angel, devil or daevas arm upon touching it. The abilities and potential of the items are "read" and present themselves into the user's mind.
Limits: None
Side Effects: None

Beast Within: Night Queen | Power: Every Antediluvian has an extremely powerful beast form that has two levels. However, being a Demiluvian, Sera can only access one-quarter this power (until later on, when it matures), meaning that she can only change into a half-beast (half of the first level). Usually, a black mist would take over the Antediluvians and form the body parts of the beast until the humanoid body is completely submerged, but in this case, the transformation stops half-way.

A partial black gown of the black, misty, feathery materials forms around her waist, down around her legs. The gown is formed in such a way that the front seems to be missing, so her (still human and clothed) legs are still quite visible. The ends of her hair turn into black mist and feathers. Her right arm is also covered in feathers and mist, from her wrist up to her shoulder. The fingernails on her right hand become misty talons, which are ethereal, small and undoubtedly sharp, able to tear through titanium.
Limits: Incredibly draining, as she’s stuck between both beast and humanoid, her body has trouble maintaining both at the same time. She can manage fifteen minutes at best. She can also only use her left arm to wield a sword or gun. Her right arm is taken up into the half-beast state, so she can’t use her sword.
Side Effects: She will no longer be capable of fighting after its use. She can keep awake, act (albeit slowly) and talk, but her body will feel constantly exhausted until she can have proper rest. The amount of time needed will vary, but the least amount will be from about a half-hour of shut-eye to more than twenty-four hours of being out cold.

With that half-beast form, Sera gains not only increased pain tolerance, speed and strength, but additional powers to bolster her already overpowering arsenal.
The Blood Forge | Power: While in this form, she can control fresh blood. She can move the liquid or harden it into any form, creating spikes or even weapons. Blood Forge instantly heals her of any wound (even regenerating missing limbs) as soon as she enters her beast form.
Limits: The blood must be fresh and of sufficient amount for manipulation.
Side Effects: None.

Harpy’s Chord | Power: She can emit a deafening and debilitating screech. The screech causes temporary deafness and upsets inner-ear function, thereby causing dizziness.
Limits: None
Side Effects: None.

Unbreakable | Power: By guarding any attack (magical, physical, laser, whatever) with her right arm in this state makes her absorb the power of the attack, no matter the caliber. The power is then converted by her body into fuel to make Night Queen even stronger, though it doesn't make it last longer.
Limits: She can't absorb too much, it causes a backfire which forces her out of Night Queen
Side Effects: None.

Coalescent Resplendence | Power: After gathering up sufficient amount of power, she can release a massive explosion of white energy, with her body at the epicenter. The explosion equals the force of all the attacks she absorbed combined into one (so the less she absorbed, the less powerful it would be).
Limits: Can only absorb a limited amount of power to be released. Too much and it backfires.
Side Effects: Forces her out of Night Queen, with all the effects of leaving that state (exhaustion, etc)
Battle Strengths: Her strength, first and foremost, is above both of the Seraph siblings, though she has no muscles for show, she can lift and throw a fully manned tank a few hundred yards without breaking a sweat. Not even she knows her full limit. Her endurance is so that she can shrug off most major wounds, including gunshots and being impaled. Though she cannot instantly close these wounds, she heals at an accelerated rate; a gunshot can take at least four hours to heal. She’s well stocked when it comes to weapons as well. And to top it all off, she's nocturnal and her powers are growing.

Due to being tutored by both Rain (excelling in swordplay, minoring in gunplay and tactics) and Raisha (excelling in gunplay, analysis and battle tactics, minoring in swordplay), she is a more than formidable opponent for any situation.

Battle Weaknesses: Antediluvians and Demiluvians, though powerful, can find themselves at the mercy of one who wields Angelic/Holy powers or Angel Arms. These not only damage her, but they can sap her strength and can eventually kill her if she is overpowered. Without her weapons, she can only rely on brute strength or her transformation alone (until her powers mature more), which leaves her defenseless if used improperly.

Personality: Though initially a broken, suicidal girl, she’s changed now that she’s regained a family and things worth living for. She is not incredibly intelligent and is still learning, both physically and mentally. If you meet Sera now, she seems like this normal, easygoing, somewhat excitable teenage girl who looks like she can enjoy a simple walk down the road. However she’s not silly or putting on a disguise of stupidity, she is much more serious than Rain, and more emotional than Raisha; however she isn’t an incredibly soft-spoken person. She inherits her father’s unflappable, confident personality which shines brightly when she’s fighting or when thrill seeking. Because, she may come off as sarcastic and sometimes even genre savvy, and due to being under Raisha's wing, she's also quite calculating. She’s grown a love for dangerous sports and enjoys participating in events.

Likes: Thrill seeking (sky diving, bungee jumping, biking etc. Mostly those Red Bull events around the world that deal with biking or sky diving or anything similar). Listening to music. Driving Baby. Horseback riding. Travelling and exploring different worlds. Devil Hunting. Dancing. Playing Chess (with Raisha). Singing by herself, to herself, usually along with music. Videogames. Cellphones, computers, watching TV/Movies/Cartoons (impressed by the technological age, movies and games help her to learn English. Most of her lines come from them). Ice cream (particularly Cookies and Cream). Eating mayo straight from the jar. Junk food (once in a while). Going to the hairdresser (once in a while).

Dislikes: Singing in public, lip syncing is fine though. Ketchup and mustard. Not being able to do some of those moves that you see in Kung Fu movies. Dredging up her past (before Raisha) and talking about it; stories of suicide, rape, underrage or not. Most authorities (especially if they are outwardly corrupt, or if she has reason to believe they are). Shopping; she’d tag along, just don’t expect her to be excited about it.

Fears: Dying, losing her newfound home and family. Losing her powers, or somehow be unable to travel and fight.

Virtues: Easygoing, somewhat unflappable, generally a nice person. Not easily angered. Very determined.

Vices: Somewhat hotheaded, might be a little overconfident, especially during a battle.

The Maniac Agenda - A Stranger I Remain

(This takes place on a parallel Earth)
Old Estonia, filled with bloodshed and new hopes, sparks in the darkness. In the newly established town of Tartu, a family recently moved in, seeking shelter from the wars that raged all around. There was a man, a pregnant woman and a young girl. The man and the young girl both had striking gold eyes which contrasted with their black hair. The woman had beautiful green eyes and blonde hair. People looked upon her with awe; someone so beautiful should be rich, shouldn’t they? And she was pregnant on top of that, too...

The man and little girl were incredibly intimidating. People stayed away from the family; the father’s and daughter’s eyes scared them. They both had pairs of vivid, inhumane, gold coloured eyes. The man was especially vocal, he had a commanding voice, but a demeanour that made him seem fun and likeable. He’d tried to do hard work around the town; but people were reluctant, his eyes scared them.

And then one day, not long after his second child was born, the man disappeared. The mother did everything she could to support her children, until she to began to leave. Slowly; her body began to wither away, she fell ill, until she could not move. Sicker still until she could not speak, and then later, could not breathe.

The girl now in her early teens, was left alone to fend for her younger brother and herself. She had to make money somehow, right...?

It wasn’t until later when her brother got older, he started to pitch in, she started to avoid her job. She hated it, with every fibre of her being, she hated it. Her brother started doing little construction jobs here and there, and it was more than enough to help them along. While they were growing, people began noticing. The siblings were stronger than everyone else. The boy would take up construction materials without effort and carry them around. No effort at all. Sometimes the girl would break things without meaning to, even if she just touched it.

Then, at around eighteen years of age, things suddenly got worse. Her brother had gone missing. She didn’t know who had taken him, or how. Since he was strong; he could’ve fought anyone off. She went searching for him on the outskirts of Tartu... he wasn’t in town. He wasn’t anywhere. There was an old castle outside of town. An empty, unholy, forsaken place.

She found him there standing over the dead body, blood on his hands. He was scared, panicking, crying, hyperventilating. When she called his name, he jumped up in fright and took off. Running toward the inside of the castle. He didn’t see who called his name, only hearing that someone was chasing him and calling out his name.

He climbed the stone staircase to the top of the tower. He stood at the edge. She called his name again, and this time he turned around. When he realized it was her, he looked even more scared. She tried to call him down from the ledge, but he was so scared. Not scared of her, but more or less scared of himself. Of what he had done.

She tried to get him down, coax him away from the edge. But he shook his head, and told her that he was a monster. She got close enough to grab his arm, but it was apparent that he did not want to be touched. He tried to jerk his hand away. His strength caught her off guard and she let go. With the momentum he stumbled backward, his heel getting caught on a stone block, sending him off. She was quick to act, diving blindly after him as he tumbled from the rooftop. She reached out enough to grasp his clothes, but the ground came up quickly. And then she heard the sickening crack of their bodies hitting the ground.

The smell of blood permeated the air. It awoke her and as soon as she opened her eyes, bolts of pain ran through her body. But when she looked across from her, she realized how she was still alive. Her brother’s body lay there, lifeless, shattered, his head smashed and his face barely recognizable. The girl was distraught. She was in pain, she was bloodied and injured, she had broken bones all over, but she felt that was not enough. She wanted to finish it off, blaming herself entirely for chasing him to the top and then letting himself fall off. It wasn’t long before she was retracing her steps to the top, dragging herself up the stairs and then to the edge.

When she did throw herself off, her body did not hit the ground. Instead, when she awoke, she found herself in a quaint room. Her wounds were treated and bandaged neatly and tightly. When she saw the person who had done this, she was taken aback. Of course she was confused when the person had the same name as her.

In the end, after it had all set in, she did not want to go back. So… she stayed.

Sera is basically the next generation/upgrade/successor to Rain and Raisha (it's why she's so strong from the start), who are retiring. You can see the reasons and read more about Sera here.

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