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Re: Spirit Blades

Hey. Sorry for not posting recently but I have been away for a couple of weeks with no internet access. But I'm back now and to make up for a lack of updates here is an extra long update! Enjoy.

The captain waited impatiently, pacing up and down the small tent that he currently called home. It was getting dark and his messenger was meant to have returned already. After what seemed like an age the flap of his tent lifted up and the serpent like man entered. His head was covered in scales and his red eyes pierced everything his gaze fell upon. The captain shivered as it’s eyes swept over him. He didn’t like the serpent people much, but they made good scouts and messengers as they could make themselves almost invisible to the naked eye. The creature’s forked tongue flicked in and out, it’s tongue tasting the air.

“Greetingsssssss Captain.” It hissed, a noise that would terrify most men. “I bring an urgent messsssage for you.” the snake took one step forwards and the captain instantly took a step back. He had learnt the hard way to never let one of these creatures get close to you. If you did then they could just as easily turn on you, just the same as anyone else.

“Leave it on the table and get out.” The captain snapped. The lizard man bowed his head and left a piece of paper on the nearby table before turning and walking out of the tent. Just as the captain was about to retrieve it the cloaked man entered, not caring about what the he was doing.

“I see my snakes have left us a message.” He said picking up the small square of paper. He carefully unfolded it allowing the captain a brief glimpse of the man’s skeletal like hand. The skin was stretched so tightly over the bone that it almost appeared to rip with every movement that he made. In an instant the paper was placed back onto the table and his hand was hidden underneath the black cloak once more. The man turned sharply and left the tent in a hurry the cloak billowing behind him. Confused as to why he had left so quickly the captain approached the table and picked up the letter.

The cloaked man hurried after the three shadowy figures at the edge of the camp. It didn’t take him long to reach them and he began to speak before they could even acknowledge his presence.

“Are you sure it was him?” He barked at the first snake man

“Yesssssss.” Came the reply. “He had the sssssame dark aura that you have. It mussssst be him.” As infuriating as the elongated letters were the dark man needed to know all the details.

“Was he alone?”

“No.” The second replied “He hasssss another man with him.”

“An old man.” The third interjected. The cloaked one’s stare made the three snake men begin to cower in fear. They knew all too well what could happen if the master was angry. His eyes burned with fury and his mouth twisted in rage. How could this be happening? The spirits were not meant to awaken yet! He looked out over the landscape his hood briefly slipping from his head. Dark hair sat atop it, his tanned skin was tight on his skull. His eyes were an icy blue and his nose was short and pointed. As soon as the hood fallen he raised it again, only the snake beasts had seen anything. But that did not matter. They would never dare tell anyone what they saw. He reached out into the air, his scythe appearing in his hand and he began to lean heavily on it, using as a walking stick. After a while he turned to face his messenger again.

“No doubt the captain will send an attack force to Fianna.” He pointed at one of the three “You will travel with them. Whether the old man live or dies I do not care. I want the shadow spirit.” The scales on the creatures head rippled as he nodded.

“Yessssss masssster.” he hissed as quietly as he could. “Long may the prophet of darknesssss live and breathe.” He saluted and skulked away, waiting to carry out his masters wishes. The time had come faster than anticipated. The prophets plans had to set in motion now if he was to achieve anything. His master would be awoken, and the spirits would fail; just as they had last time. The prophet’s cloak swirled in the breeze as he turned back to face the captains tent wondering how he would take the latest unfortunate news.

The captain looked at the table for a while after picking up the small piece of paper. The top was a light brown, inlaid with an intricate spiral design that comprised of three colours. White, black and red. The three colours had their own spiral which intersected each other at various points until they reached the centre. An image of a bird holding a shield lay at the centre of the table; joining the three spirals. The legs were carved into the shape of waterfalls as they cascaded down a mountain side. He had gotten that table in a conquest somewhere in the world; but couldn’t quite remember where.

He opened the paper with less care than the cloaked man had shown and read it’s contents. Largely it just confirmed what he already knew. The current positions of those who remained that knew what he wanted to know. The next part told him about how the castle market town was fortifying itself against an attack. He chuckled quietly to himself. It would do no good, no matter how strong the fortifications were. Nothing could stop him from achieving his goal now.

The paper slipped from his grasp and fell to the floor, the captain backing away. He stared in horror at the thing as it gently fluttered towards the floor and the last seven words burned themselves into his memory; the spirit of shadow had been found.


Chapter 2

It had been three days since they had arrived at the castle market town and Kaizar walked the streets for the sixteenth time trying to find something else to do. The bag of coins Kyanu had given him weighed his belt down and he was eager to get rid of some. After a while of walking aimlessly he found himself back at the inn that they were staying in. The brown building looked quiet and inviting so Kaizar ducked inside. He sat down on a seat in the corner and waited for the barman to come over.

“What would you like?” He asked “We have a choice of the finest ales and a wide variety of beverages to suit all tastes.”

“A fruit juice will do fine thank you.” Kaizar answered and the barkeep nodded. A short while later he returned with a glass of orange liquid and placed it gently on the table. The young man paid the bar tender and he quickly made his way back to his position behind the bar. Kaizar sat, sipped his juice and watched the people come and go from the place. He had no interest in what they were doing, or even where they were going, but he found it strangely fascinating to see the different kinds of people who would approach the bar.

After a while his view was blocked by a brown shirt as a man stood directly in front of him. Kaizar looked up at his face and didn’t even flinch from the glare that was now aimed directly at him. The man’s eyes almost burned with fury and his nostrils flared. His skin wrinkled as the man struggled to find words to say. Finally he spoke in a ruff gravely voice.

“You’re in my seat.” He barked and Kaizar turned his head t look at the back of the chair.

“Don’t see your name on it.” He took another sip of his drink and calmly placed it back on the table.

“I guess you’re not from around here.” the other man growled “So I’m going to give you one more chance to get out of that chair and go sit somewhere else.”

“But I was here first.” Kaizar said “Why don’t you go and find somewhere else to sit?”

“This is why.” The man pulled a small knife out of his belt and pointed it in Kaizar’s direction.

“If you do not put that away and find another seat right now then not only are you barred from this place, but I will call the authorities as well.” The bar man had stepped in.

“This does not concern you.” The man snapped

“You are in my inn.” the barkeep replied “So yes; it does concern me. Now find another seat or you are barred.”

“This isn’t over.” The man said gruffly before walking over to the other side of the room and sitting down. The bar man turned to face Kaizar a stern look on his face.

“I thought you were meant to behave yourself. Not pick a fight with the towns biggest bully.” he admonished the young man who just stared defiantly back at him.

“But I was here long before he was. And this chair doesn’t have his name on it.” The staring match continued for a few moments before Kaizar backed down. “Sorry.” He apologised.

“That’s okay. Just don’t do it again.” the bar man walked back to behind the bar and waited for more customers. Kaizar began to stare out window at the castle and he began to wonder what Kyanu was doing in that could take all day.

* * *

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