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Re: The future of the gaming industry.

Honestly, I think the industry is going to see a major collapse soon.

If you like to keep yourself updated on video game news, you'll noticed that many, many studios have either been shut down or are facing serious financial trouble. The only ones that seem reasonably stable are the big boy companies, like Activision, EA, Valve, Nintendo, Capcom; and even they have had their fair amount of hardships this gen. Also, take into account that the Japanese gaming industry has suffered this gen, and is in far worse condition than studios situated in the west.

Perhaps one of the greatest problems revolves around budget. It doesn't help that the budgets for big blockbuster games are beyond ridiculous now. So much that a single flop is enough to destroy an entire studio now. And the fact that the major 3rd parties are only asking for a huge increase in power for next gen consoles doesn't help the situation either.

I don't even want to bring in DLC or DRM into this discussion. We know how bad these things are already, and they're only going to get worse in the long run.

tldr; the gaming industry is biting more then they can chew.

Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie View Post
Assassin's Creed hardly started this trend. Call of Duty, yes. Halo, yes. Assassin's Creed?
I would say that the FPS/M-rated trend began as early as 2000 and became apparently obvious by 2004. GTA: San Andreas, SOCOM, Call of Duty, Halo, Half-Life, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Splinter Cell and several others. Sure, FPS game were always popular prior to this age, but not so much to the point that devs were willing to sacrifice many of their own IPs to make room for FPS games. And by that, I mean a major decline for platformers and other E-rated fare. PS2 gen was the fall of the platformer. This gen has been the fall of the JRPG.

Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie View Post
No. And there has yet to be a "crappy" Mario or Zelda game. Nintendo has been moving each series to new and exciting places, from Galaxy to Skyward Sword.
lol. No, there have been crappy Mario and Zelda games over the course of the last 10 years (Zelda much more so..) Nintendo is just as guilty of franchise milking as Capcom and EA are. They're just better at managing it.
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