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Re: Spirit Blades

Authors note: I would just like to take the oppertunity to thank my readers and invite you all to give some constructive critism on my work. If you don't want to then fine, but it would be appreciated. Also I will be away for about a week and a half, so updates may take a while. I will try to do them but may not be able to. However I will update as soon as I get back. So back to the story.

It was still dark outside when Kyanu woke. He got up from his bed and began to prepare for the long journey ahead that day. He had to reach the castle market town before night fell once more or he would have no chance of being at the castle the following morning. Kaizar remained asleep as he worked, a slight snore coming from the young man‘s throat. It wouldn’t be long before the old man had to wake him. He removed his armour from the cupboard where he had placed it the night before carefully placing it on the floor he then reached for his sword. The golden snake head glared at him as he took hold of it’s tongue and pulled it out of the scabbard. The shiny body of the metal serpent curved and writhed from the hilt to tip. The blade remained just as sharp as the day he made it and Kyanu had never been seen without it since. His skill with this sword were immense; even his old swords master couldn’t best him in a fight. The young one began to stir as Kyanu replaced his faithful sword back into it’s leather home.

“Come on Kaizar.” He said gently “It’s time to get up and go.”

“But it’s still dark.” The muffled voice replied

“I know. But I have to reach the market town by tonight.” He sat down at the end of the young man’s bed “I know it was a long journey yesterday. But you did really well, especially since that was your first time. But the journey today is just as long.” He patted the boys legs before standing up again. Kaizar yawned and stretched before throwing the covers off and rising from his own bed. The old knight was slowly putting the worn out suit on and Kaizar grimaced. Another day of clanking lay ahead of them. The young man took his own swords out of the cupboard, along with the clothes he had brought with him. Kaizar pulled the greyish top over his head and stuffed his legs into his trousers. He sat on the bed for a few moments trying to clear the fog of sleep from his mind.

It wasn’t long before Kaizar’s two swords were on his back and he was ready to go. Both he and Kyanu quietly made their way down the corridors. Or at least Kaizar did anyway. Kyanu clanked with every step and the young boy was sure someone would wake up. Miraculously, however, no one did wake up as the pair made their way out of the building into the open air. A cool breeze blew through the town, blowing the last of the fog from Kaizar’s head instantly. The old town now felt deserted as they walked down the streets, not a soul was in sight. The building looked a little creepy in the dim light, almost like living things that would hurt you if you stopped looking at them for a second.

Soon they were out of the town and walking across the vast field that made up most of the landscape in Ordenia, the shadow region. As the sun began to rise Kaizar could just make out the castle in the distance. It looked so far away that he thought it was almost impossible to reach it in one day, but Kyanu was going to try. His clanking had picked up in pace as he walked with the same purpose as he had the day before. Kaizar really admired the older man. He had given up his way of life to look after him, and never abandoned him. Even when he was at his worst Kyanu had stuck with him. He hoped one day he could prove to Kyanu that he deserved that love. That he had become a responsible young man.

The sun rose higher into the sky, illuminating the beautiful land once again. The grass looked even greener than the day before and the many colours of the flowers looked brighter then ever. The morning dew glinted on the grass as the rising light sought to banish the shadows for another day. Silence reigned as the pair walked, aside from the constant clanking of Kyanu’s armoured suit. The young man’s legs ached and his feet screamed at him. All the walking he had done the day before had caught up with him and his body was rebelling. He managed to ignore the pain as he walked, choosing to take in the scenery instead. The birds sung loudly in the trees, and the other creatures begun leaving their sleeping places to begin the day anew.

An uneventful morning was only interrupted by a short break for Kaizar to rest his legs. As the afternoon began to drag on once more Kaizar’s attention began to wander. He looked at the trees and bushes that lined the road he now walked down. He had to do something to keep Kyanu’s constant clanking from driving him insane. A group of bushes ahead of him had begun to shake slightly and Kaizar watched them intrigued. At least while he was looking at them the clanking didn’t seem so bad. As he approached the leaves shaking intensified and Kaizar could even hear them rustling above the metallic sounds that followed them.

The pair walked for the entire afternoon with Kaizar asking about the castle, and the town that surrounded it. He watched as the silhouette of the castle got bigger and bigger with every mile they walked. The young man could feel himself begin to get excited once more. He had heard many tales of this town and it’s grandeur while he had journeyed with Kyanu. Now he was finally going to find out if those tales were true for himself.

The sun had begun to dip low in the sky as the knight and his companion approached the drawbridge that led into the market town. Two guards wearing silver armour that shone brightly waited by it to prevent anyone suspicious from entering and causing trouble. He waited for the travellers to come close enough to hear him before he spoke.

“Halt!” He barked raising his hand “State your name and business.”

“My name is Kyanu.” The tired man spoke calmly, not wanting to cause any trouble now. “This is Kaizar.” He removed a piece of paper from one of the folds of his armour. “And this is our business.” The guard took the paper and looked at it for a few moments before handing it straight back.

“Thank you sir. You may pass through now.” he said

“Don’t you want to look at what’s written?” Kyanu inquired

“I am not permitted to.” The guard replied “For, you see, this is not the normal royal seal. This is the kings own personal seal. Whatever has been written was meant for you, and you alone. Now if you can please make your way across the drawbridge so we can close it for the night.”

“Yes. Of course.“ Kyanu strode out across the wooden platform, confused, with Kaizar following close behind. As they entered the town the drawbridge started closing behind them, sealing them in. Even though the suns light was fading the town was well lit by the many torches that lined every street. Many of the buildings were made from a white stone and stretched higher into the sky than any other building Kaizar had seen. He bounced down the street making sure he never lost sight of Kyanu. As safe as the place may seem Kaizar was sure if he got lost then trouble wouldn’t be far behind.

Kyanu made his way through the town as he knew exactly where he was headed. A brown building that stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of white. It was two floors shorter than the others and the windows weren’t as decorated but the old knight didn’t care. It was the best place to stay in town plus not many people knew about it. Which only served to make it better in his opinion. He motioned for Kaizar to stand next to him and took hold of the big metal door knocker. It hit the door with a crash causing the old wooden construction to shake on it’s hinges. The door slowly opened and Kyanu was greeted with a smile.

“Kyanu!” The man exclaimed “I wasn’t expecting you again so soon!” This man was better dressed than the last innkeeper. He wore a blue waistcoat over a red shirt. The waistcoat was clean and had gold trim running along the edges. Bright brass buttons fastened the item of clothing and were embossed with a strange symbol that was almost invisible in this light. His trousers matched his waistcoat and his shoes were a polished black leather.

“Neither was I Art.” The old man replied “But I have been summoned to see the king once more.”

“Well, your usual room is free.” Art glanced at Kaizar “Unless you would like a different one so you can be in the same room?”

“What do you think Kaizar?” Kyanu asked “Do you want to share a room again?”

“No offence,” the young man said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck “but I want a different room tonight.”

“Certainly.” The innkeeper nodded “If you would like to follow…”

“Hang on a minute.” Kyanu interrupted raising a hand. He turned towards Kaizar “What do you mean by ‘no offence’?”

“Well, It’s kind a… What I mean is….” He took a slow breath “You snore.”

“I snore!” Kyanu exclaimed “Maybe you should have heard yourself last night!”

“Well at least I didn’t sound like a clap of thunder.” Art began laughing and Kyanu rounded on him

“What are you laughing at?” He snapped

“Nothing.” The innkeeper struggled to keep his mirth under control “Nothing at all. Now if you could follow me.” He led the pair across the main hall and down a series of corridors. “Your rooms are next door to each other.” Any hint of the laugh he had earlier was now gone from his voice. He stopped and indicated two doors next to each other. Kaizar entered his room and closed the door behind him. He already like this place more than the other one. The bed actually looked decent and there was wallpaper on the walls. A basic flowery pattern had been painted on it and the wooden cupboard next to the bed was decorated with a few strips of metal bent into curious shapes.

He slung his swords onto the floor at the end of the bed and jumped onto the fluffy looking mattress. The thing cushioned his fall and instantly moulded itself to his shape. The young man let out a contented sigh. He had a comfy bed, and no Kyanu to wake him up with all that snoring. No sooner had he settled than there was a knock on the door.

“Kaizar.” Kyanu called through the wooden block “I’m going to get something to eat. Did you want anything?”

“Yeah.” He answered “If you hang on a minute then I’ll come with you.” Kaizar jumped off the bed and slowly made his way out of the room. He followed Kyanu down to the main hall again and sat at a table. Kyanu made his way up to the bar to order while Kaizar looked around the room. A group of people in the corner wearing black cloaks took his attention. Their facial features were lost beneath the hoods they wore and the cloak managed to hide any other distinguishing feature about them. The longer he looked over in their direction the more the young man was convinced that those people were watching him.

Kyanu returned and placed a plate in front of Kaizar, the smell bringing him out of his reverie. He looked down at the meal before him. A slice of pork was accompanied by a few vegetables and three roasted potatoes. Cutlery sat next to the plate and Kaizar used them to cut a small amount of everything and put it into his mouth. The taste exploded in his mouth. The juice of the pork mixed with the potatoes, carrots and peas forming an experience of pure joy for the young man’s taste buds.

“Nice?” The old man asked as Kaizar shovelled the food into his mouth.

“Lovely.” He replied through a mouthful of food.. He wasn’t going to say anything but it even tasted better than what Kyanu cooked back home. It wasn’t long before his plate was clean and he begun to scrape the small bits of food and gravy into his mouth.

“Careful or you’ll be eating the pattern next.” Kyanu laughed. “I’ll go and pay for this and you stay right there.” He rose from his seat and walked back over to the bar. Kaizar glanced over at the corner again. The hooded figures were talking, hand gestures being made at various points in the conversation. One of them stood up and began making his way towards Kaizar. The young man began to panic. What was he going to do? The man stopped and Kaizar looked up. Kyanu was coming back over and Kaizar quickly rose form his seat. The pair walked back up to their rooms.

“Goodnight Kaizar.” Kyanu said “Sleep well.”

“You too.” Kaizar opened his door and sat down on his bed. He thought about the men in dark cloaks. Why had they been looking at him? Why did one try and come over? He wasn’t sure but Kaizar thought he had seen a pair of red eyes under that hood. He lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Tiredness began to cloud his mind and he struggled to stay awake and think. He was unaware that one of those men was stood outside his door as he drifted off to sleep.

* * *

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