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Re: Who wants to play a game?

"You have some explaining to do future Link" said Link. "Well" said future Link "I used my hookshot just before I hit the lava. But when I pulled myself up a huge fireball hit me burning me badly. Then that old man you met found me and saved, he healed me to full health. After that I searched for you. Now can I have a time to be alone with Trinity's statue?" he asked. Ofcourse said the light warriors. They all left future Link in the room with Trinity's statue. He touched he figure which broke off. He looked around making sure nobody saw him so he glued it back on. He then started crying. Then another fihure broke off. He said "oh crap" but eventually the whole statue callapsed. "Dead?" he said. "Shes dead!". He pulled out his sword and held it to his stomach. "I will join you in heaven" he said as he plunged the sword into himself. He was then met by his love in heaven.

Link had watched the whole thing along with the other light warriors. So they had a funeral and through the coffins overboard. "Okay" said Link. "Nobody touch princess Zelda after that happened". So nobody did.

One day a few days later Malon was walking along the deck of the airship. Then a puff of smoke appeared and their stood Sephiroth. He grabbed the Masamune from Links hands and grabbed Malon then dissapeared. "Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!" yelled Link. "He must be working for Ami, I have to save her." So the light warriors went searching for clues.