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Re: Spirit Blades

Sorry about the later post but I have been so busy this last week. Any way here is the next part of the story.

The rest of the afternoon passed like the morning. Uneventful, and full of idle chatter. The sun was just dipping low enough in the sky to cause the strange, eerie time called the twilight hour. The desired was just in the distance, a black silhouette against the setting sun and soon they were within the confines of it’s streets. The tall buildings looked a little run down and patchy. Walls were slanted and window frames were off kilter and without glass. Kaizar was sure they had walked down the same street three or four times before they reached the intended destination. This building stood two floors higher from the rest and looked in slightly better condition. The window frames looked straight, and even had glass in them. The door was a few inches taller than the young man and was decorated with some simple brass trimmings in the corners. The door knocker was so big two thirds of it remained visible as Kyanu used it to knock.

“What do you want?” A voice called from the other side

“A room to stay the night if there is one spare.” The door opened and a man wearing a simple set of overalls looked out. A smile spread itself across his face.

“Kyanu!” He beamed “What a pleasure it is to see you again!” The pair hugged briefly before the old man introduced his companion.

“This is Kaizar.” He gestured with his right hand “And this happens to be the first time he has been out of Fianna, so please can we make this a good experience for him.”

“Certainly. Your usual room is free.” He turned and led them down a series of long twisting corridors and before long Kaizar had lost track of where they were going. Finally they stopped in front of a door with a small metal trim running around the outer edge. Two panels were indented with a small flourish of flowers carved onto it. Kyanu opened the door and beckoned Kaizar inside. The young man stepped through the door and it was closed gently behind him. The room was quite simple and largely undecorated. The wooden walls looked solid enough and the uneven floor dipped and bowed with age. The bed frame was crooked and appeared to be only half made. The mattress that sat on top of it was thin and lumpy, barely covered by the sheet that lay atop it. The cupboard next to the bed was not much better. The whole thing slanted to the left and wobbled precariously as Kaizar touched it. He was sure the thing would collapse if someone shut the door a little too hard. He glanced over the other side of the room and saw that Kyanu’s things weren’t any better. The old man had already removed his armoured suit and sat himself on the bed. He looked at Kaizar for a few moments before speaking.

“That was Jethro.” He paused “He has been a friend of mine for many years and has always had a room for me when I need it. So the last thing I want is to upset him. So while we are here please try to curb your temper.”

“Okay!” Kaizar said indignantly “I’m not that bad!” One look from Kyanu said it all. “Okay. Maybe I am. But I will try I promise.”

“You had better.” Kyanu’s tone of voice told the young man he could not step out of line. Luckily it had softened a bit for the next sentence “Come on, we need to eat. Get your swords off and put them in the cupboard and we can go.” Kaizar swung the twin blades off his back and placed them carefully in the wooden frame. Shutting the door he turned to face his carer and the pair of them headed out of the room and down to the restaurant on the ground floor of the inn.

The pair returned a couple of hours later having eaten and laid themselves out across the beds, staring at the ceiling. There was silence for a few minutes before Kaizar finally spoke.

“Kyanu?” The older man turned his head to face him “Could you…” Kaizar took a deep breath “Could you tell me about my old home? You know, the one that was destroyed?” Kyanu sighed. He had dreaded this question from the day he brought the young man home.

“I’m afraid there is not much that I know about it.” Kyanu spoke slowly, thinking about how to word what he was about to say. “Turo was a small town on the edge of Ordenia, meaning it had good trade links with other lands that bordered our own. It rapidly grew with it’s wealth and flourished as a market town. Many strange and exotic items could be purchased there, and the many different people who stopped there made it exciting to visit whatever time of year you went.

“I used to visit the town often and would stay for a few days at a time. The many different cultures there made it a fascinating place to be and I made many friends in that town. One day I was summoned to the castle that sits in the centre of this beautiful land along with about twenty other knights. The king told us that the town was under attack, and we were being sent to help them. A second larger force would follow, but we had to get there as soon as possible. We left immediately and didn’t stop once to rest or eat. If we couldn’t do it in the saddle it didn’t happen.

“However by the time we arrived it was too late. The town was burning with no sign the attackers had ever been there. The people who were not dead were dying and beyond help. They all spoke of a dark force that had ripped through the town, destroying everything in it’s path. Many dark creatures were born of this force and it had seemed nothing could stop them. But as suddenly as they had arrived they had gone, leaving no trace of themselves.

“We must have searched for hours, looking for anyone who could be saved, but found no one. After an age I heard a voice coming from a pile of rubble. As I pulled it away I found your mother. She looked at me, her life fading from her eyes. She begged me to take you away from there, to make sure you were safe. Somehow you had managed to avoid the same fate as the rest of the town, even as far as a wooden building support stopping the bricks from tumbling on top of you.

“Just as your mother’s life drifted away I promised that I would look after you. I would take personal responsibility for making sure you were safe. I took your hand and guided you out of the ruins. Everyone was amazed at how you could have survived when a town couldn’t. No matter how much we thought about it none of us could figure it out.

“A few days later, after the flames had all gone, we went home. Once back at the castle I told the king that I was leaving the order to look after you and was only to be summoned if it was an emergency. After that I took you to Fianna.” He paused, taking a breath before continuing “And that is all I know.”

“Thank you.” Kaizar whispered. He had always wondered about that town and what had happened to it. Now he knew. His mind began to wander and he thought about why Kyanu had been called this time. If it was only in emergencies then what was happening for him to be summoned so quickly. The young man didn’t have long to think about it because he was soon sound asleep.

* * *

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