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Re: Who wants to play a game?

Link had to stop playing his ocarina. Guy said "this is the end, this dragon shall die a horrible death, your going down." Guy ordered the other light warriors to distract the dragon while he charged up a super enrgy ball strong enough to kill the dragon. Samus and Links attacks didnt do anything to its. Ami ran up to Guy who was about to fire his attack. Ami took out her sword and was about to cut Guy in two when her sword met with another sword. She looked up to see future Link. Guy fired his energy ball which sent the dragon flying back for miles slowly disintergrating it to nothing.

"How is this possible?" asked Ami. "All thanks to my hookshot" said future Link. "Lets finish her off" said Link. Guy took out the dagger that could kill Ami and threw it. It stuck into her side but turned to dust. "What?" said Mario "that was supposed to kill her". "Im too powerful for that pathetic thing" said Ami. Link took out the Masamune saying "lets rumble".......