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Re: Spirit Blades

Author's note: Thank you all for your comments. They are much appreciated. As promised here is the next part of the story

Chapter 1

Kaizar flung the door open and stormed through the house up the stairs to his bedroom, walking straight past the old man sat in the chair. He slammed his door shut and slumped down onto his bed. It wasn’t long before he heard his name being called.

“Kaizar!” The old man’s voice was deep but gentle. “Could you come down here please?” The young man slowly began to trudge down the stairs, knowing exactly what he was going to be told. It was always the same. Someone would say he had done something wrong, and he would get into trouble for it. It didn’t matter that often he had done whatever he was accused of. Not to him anyway. The old man was stood at the bottom of the stairs, his kind worn face frowning. His white hair nothing more that wisps now. They clung to his head like clouds to the sky. His nose was short and stubby, and his face crisscrossed with scars.

“Kyanu I…” Kaizar started but the old man cut him off.

“Kaizar. I’m not going to listen to your excuses this time.” He paused “This is the fifth time in the last three days and I’m tired of listening to excuse after excuse.”

“But he asked for it!”

“And what did he do exactly.” Kaizar remained silent. “If you do not tell me then I cannot help.” Kaizar didn’t answer. How could he tell Kyanu that the boy had insulted him. Especially when he was always so well behaved around him.

“I cannot play these games anymore.” Kyanu sighed, shaking his head “Perhaps I should treat you like the child you seem to believe you are.”

“Stop being like that!” Kaizar shouted, anger and frustration beginning to boil over. “Stop pretending you care!”

“I’m not pretending.” Kyanu’s voice raised a little as his irritation began to grow. “Now I know I’m not your real father…”

“Then stop trying to be!” Kaizar regretted those words as soon as they left his mouth. “Kyanu I’m so sorry. I didn’t…” The front door of the house slammed as the old man left, leaving him alone. Kaizar slumped where he was on the stairs, his body shaking as he sobbed. Kyanu had taken the boy in when he was little, when he had no one else. Kyanu cared about him, but all Kaizar ever did was vent his anger at him.

Kyanu had never reacted the way Kaizar did, always walking away before it got that far. Sometimes he would be gone for a few minutes, sometimes for hours. But no matter how badly Kaizar treated him Kyanu always came back, always cared. The young man often wondered why he came back. Kaizar was sure if he was in that situation himself he would have walked away a long time ago. He attempted to get his sobbing under control, calming himself down. He slowly rose from his place on the steps and walked out of the door, wiping the tears from his face. He had to find Kyanu and apologise, the man didn’t deserve the onslaught of words Kaizar threw at him each day. He never did.

The sun shone, lighting the beautiful town. The wooden buildings standing proud and tall, a statement of how prosperous that the townspeople had become in recent times. Carts trundled through the streets carrying goods to and from the many shops. Kaizar walked down the street looking for any sign of where his carer had gone.

Eventually he saw the white wispy hair, heading up a nearby hill. A gentle breeze brushed past him, ruffling his hair. The old man’s steps were much longer than Kaizar’s, meaning he was on the top of the hill long before the young man could catch up. When he finally reached the top of the hill, Kyanu was sitting down, looking out over the grassy land. Green fields stretched as far as the eye could see, dotted with the little towns that had sprung up over the years. Kaizar approached as quietly as he could, making sure he was near the man before he spoke.

“Kyanu I’m sorry.” His voice wavered betraying how he felt “I didn’t mean to say it.” The old man didn’t even turn his head to look at him. “I understand if you want me to go.” Again he was greeted with silence. Kaizar turned to leave and Kyanu finally spoke

“You know that isn’t what I want.” The man’s voice was calm once more “I just want you to behave as a man your age should. Not like a thug.” Kaizar nodded as he turned to look at him.

“You can do whatever you want.” He said trying desperately not to start sobbing again “You can ground me, cancel my sword practice, anything. I’ll accept it.” He hung his head “I deserve it.”

“Yes, you do.” Kyanu motioned for the young man to sit next to him which he did silently “As much as what you said hurt me, I cannot deny that it is true. I am not your biological father. But it does not mean I do not care about you. Or that I don’t love you.” He stared back out at the grassy landscape. “I will be cancelling your sword practice for the week.” Kaizar’s head hung lower than before. Even though he had agreed that could happen it was the most exciting thing in his day.

“I understand.” He whispered.

“I will cancel it,” Kyanu continued “because you are coming on a trip with me.” Kaizar’s head raised from its sunken position to look at the old man in confusion. “I have been summoned to the castle, and have decided it is time to take you with me.”

“Really!?” Kaizar couldn’t believe his ears. Kyanu often spoke about when he used to live in the castle and the young man had always wanted to go. Even gone as far as to beg him many times over they years.

“You are a young man of twenty now. If I don‘t start treating you as the adult you should be now, then I never will.” He rose from his seated position and started to walk back down the hill. “You had better come too. We have a lot to prepare because we leave in the morning.” Kaizar jumped to his feet at almost ran down the hill. Kyanu truly was a wonderful man, and Kaizar would never figure out why he always forgave him. But he would prove he was worthy of his forgiveness this time. No matter what it took.

* * *

The sun was only just rising in the sky when Kaizar awoke the following morning, it’s rays casting long shadows across the landscape. He pulled his grey top over his head and his trousers over his legs. His leather shoes were slipped over his feet and he made his way quietly downstairs. He went to the cupboard by the door and opened it, the door creaking slightly as it opened making Kaizar wince. After a few moments, when he heard no noise from upstairs, he removed his swords from their hooks, closed the cupboard doors, and took them outside. He strapped the scabbards to his back so a hilt was protruding over each shoulder and stood as of he was about to enter into combat.

He drew the blades, the metal rasping against the old lining. He stood one sword in each hand, the wooden hilts, wrapped in a grey material, were hidden by his hands. The blades were thin plain steel and two foot in length. They glinted brightly in the early light. He swung one of them experimentally, the blade whistled through the air. He brought it back and launched into a flurry of attacks against imaginary enemies. He stabbed one through the chest, before spinning around and slicing another one in two. He bounded up the street blocking and slashing all around him, countless invisible foes falling to his blades. He stopped for a moment and looked back at the empty street. How he would miss this place while he was gone, the hustle and bustle, the friendly faces, even those he normally avoided like the plague.

The front door of his house opened and Kyanu stepped out, closing it behind him. The old man was wearing his armour, the old metal now grey and dull after many years of use. The leather joining the metal sheets together had almost worn through in many places but the knight refused to have it changed. That suit had saved his life many times over the years and he had grown quite fond of it. The old man’s sword hilt stuck out over his left shoulder. A black snakehead, it’s tongue extended, tasting the air. Sometimes Kiazar thought the thing was actually alive, even though it was made from the same dead metal that his own swords were made of. How it had become black was anyone’s guess, but it didn’t matter. That was how Kaizar had always known it. The young man rushed back towards the house, his feet barely touching the ground.

Kyanu was smiling, his lips parted showing his almost toothless mouth. It felt great to see Kaizar like this. He was almost as excited as the day his sword training began. It had taken him almost a whole week to come down to earth after that.

“Ready to go?” the old man’s voice almost shook as he tried not to laugh “Or do you want some more sword practice first?”

“No. I’m ready to go now if you want!” Kaizar could not contain his excitement as he replaced his swords onto his back. He wanted to run down the main street screaming with delight, but contented himself to walk beside Kyanu as he began the two day long journey to the castle in the middle of the realm. They soon reached the base of the hill and Kaizar could not hold back any longer. He raced up the hill, laughing as he went. This had to be the best day of his life!

The young man soon came to the top of the hill and stopped dead. The scene unfolding in front of him took his breath away. The sun was now above the horizon, it’s rays stretching out across the land. The grassy fields glinting with dew in the early morning light. The towns in the distance dark silhouettes against the orange furnace of the sun. Kaizar had never been out of town before, not for more than a couple of hours anyway, and this beat anything he had seen before. Kyanu came and stood next to him

“Have you seen anything more beautiful?” He asked

“No.” Kaizar breathed. Now he knew why this was Kyanu’s favourite spot to sit and think. The beauty was incredible. Nothing else could even compare to what he saw now.

“I used to come out here a lot when I first brought you home.” He said “I used to sit and think about how I could possibly look after you, and who you would be better off with.” He paused a second before continuing. “But I could never find anyone willing to take on a terror like you. So you I was stuck with you.” The pair laughed, the sound echoing through the empty plains. They hadn’t laughed together in a long time. “Come on. We had better be going.” The two of them began to walk down the hill, and on towards the next town.

The grass was wet, the sun not yet high enough to dry the morning dew, and swished gently as the pair walked. Small creatures fled long before they came near, and even larger creatures seemed to be keeping out of their way, leaving Kaizar to admire the beauty of the land. The flowers were amazing, pink’s and blue’s hugged the sides of the roads, stretching for miles, blanketing a small section of land in a carpet of colour. The pair walked in silence for a few miles, neither one daring to break the tranquillity of the silence.

“Do you see that town over there?” Kyanu pointed to a dark shape on the horizon, the sun still rising behind it. “We need to reach that town by nightfall.” It seemed a long way off, but every step brought them closer. Closer to their goal. Closer to the rest of this wonderful world that Kaizar was going to explore, even if he had to leave Kyanu while he did so. He looked at the old man as they walked, each step he took was filled with such purpose. He never faltered, never said he was too old for this. Kaizar was sure that even if Kyanu was on his death bed he would walk to the ends of the earth with the same purpose that he walked with now, and that was what he loved so much about him. He never gave up on anything, even when the odds were stacked against him.

The sun was now getting high into the sky, the land flooded with it’s light. The grass was no longer damp, the flowers swayed in a gentle breeze, and the trees that were now nearby whispered amongst themselves, talking about the two travellers. Birds squawked, and other creatures squeaked. Their noises finally signifying that morning had arrived. As noisy as it was however it seemed very peaceful as Kaizar walked, the natural noises of the world barely registering in his mind.

Kyanu was a few steps ahead of Kaizar, keeping a watchful eye on the road ahead. Too many people had been caught out by wild animals, or thieves along the road between towns recently. While ha didn’t want to stop Kaizar enjoying the new sights and sounds he was experiencing, they had to be ready for anything. His armour was now glinting in the light, and he clanked as he walked. Another unfortunate thing that happened because his suit was old. His gauntlet covered hands swung by his sides as he marched, the leather wrinkled every time he flexed, ensuring he wouldn’t seize up in a fight.

Even with all this preparation the pair passed through the land unnoticed, and the morning went by uneventfully. They stopped for something to eat at a fork in the road. Kaizar sat on a rock by the side of dirt track while Kyanu remained standing. He found it very hard to sit down when wearing his armour, but didn’t dare take it off. He handed a bag to the young man and Kaizar took out the bread and cheese, passing some of it to his travel companion.

“So what do you think of the outside world so far?” The knight asked

“I think it’s wonderful.” Kaizar replied between pieces of bread.

“Is it what you thought?”

“Oh it’s so much better. The colours, the sounds. They’re so amazing!” Kyanu laughed.

“You sound just like I did on my first time out of the academy.” His laughter slowly subsided “Those were good days.” They stayed in silence for a few moments, eating. Kaizar took a long draught from his water canteen and addressed the old man

“Kyanu. I was wondering if you could….” He trailed off.

“If I could what?”

“Nothing.” Kaizar shook his head “It doesn’t matter anyway.” He rose to his feet and handed the remaining food to Kyanu, who packed it away in a bag he now had hanging off of his belt. The pair then continued their journey, silence filling the air.

* * *

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