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Arietta Madrigal

Name: Arietta Mira Madrigal

Nicknames/Aliases: "Ari" for short by her family

Age: 31

Sex: Female

Race: Human, of mixed Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and South American origin. Slight hint of Romani, despite her gypsy roots being more akin to the Andalusian gypsies of our world. Possesses magic, believed to spring forth from the soul, and run in her blood. More specifically, she is considered to be a “mage” who is somewhere between a “magician” and a “sorcerer” in skill, but has never been evaluated in any way by someone with more experience (explained in terms of her world here, just scroll down to the section for "mages".)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 122 pounds

Eye Color: A bright, friendly, lighter shade of green.

Hair Color/Style: Black, tending a little more towards a dark coal shade, with soft waves down to about her shoulders, or a little shorter. She tends to wear it in a high ponytail, with messy, side-swept bangs.

Skin Color/Complexion: Tanned, healthy olive skin with a warm tone, that tends towards a deep caramel or bronze color, and is blemish free. She has a small beauty mark on her right cheek, near her lips.

-More pictures of my characters, including Arietta, on my DA account-

General Appearance: Arietta is sometimes considered the “ugly duckling” of the Madrigal sisters, although while maybe not picture-perfect beautiful, she is undoubtedly attractive. Her chin is a bit more square than her other sisters, but her jawline is still feminine and compliments her features. Her eyes are full of charm and greatly expressive, and she wears a kind smile very well. She has a slightly larger nose but her creamy olive skin and large eyes balance it well. She often likes to wear red lipstick and a light dusting of green eyeshadow, along with some mascara.

She is slender, but with wider hips, and a somewhat larger than average bosom. Dance and housework have kept her in good shape, and she also likes to take long walks. Her feet are a bit on the larger side for an otherwise more petite woman of her height. Police once would try to match up her prints to any larger ones they found at a known spot of the Madrigals in the past.

She favors sleeveless tops and capri pants or skirts with sandals, but enjoys dressing in summery fashion in general, and in dressing for different occasions. She can be a bit clumsy in taller heels. Occasionally she will wear a little too much jewelry, but as a gypsy she can usually pull off the look.

Theme Songs:
Known Family:
Zachary Leos – fiancé
Fabricia “Fabi” Muscida Dionne (Leos) – adoptive daughter, biological niece

Galliard Vinicius Madrigal – father
Sonya Deneb Navarre-Madrigal – mother (deceased)

Vivace Altair Madrigal-Dionne – eldest sister (deceased)
Anton Lorenzo Dionne – brother-in-law (deceased)
Alessandra “Alex” Zaniah Dionne (Vossler) - niece

Algretta Gatria Madrigal – second oldest sister
Luminari Maia Madrigal – third oldest sister

Cadenza Vega Madrigal – youngest sister
Paris Santiago Valentia – former brother-in-law (only legally deceased)
Katherine “Kate” Anne Madrigal – niece
Rain Seraph – former brother-in-law
Two new nieces or nephews on the way, yet to be born or named

Clara Madrigal-Souza – paternal aunt, Galliard’s younger sister
Domenico Souza – paternal, younger cousin, Clara’s son
Aline Navarre-Ramirez – maternal, older cousin

Homeplace: Santa Mariela, Rubato, South Cordelia, Earth (city, country, continent, world)

Current Residence: The old family home of the Madrigals, which Galliard and Sonya purchased as not much more than a shack in Santa Mariela when they were first married, and which Galliard added on to bit by bit as he earned more money over the years, until it had become a comfortable two-story house with a small basement. It is a patchwork of materials, but in more recent years has been solidified and stabilized some more, and updated with better appliances, etc. It has a small garage. Galliard’s workshop is in the basement.

Rumors say that the house still is booby-trapped against intruders—especially the front porch—and that a wrong step could cost a thief dearly. Others speculate that Galliard must have deactivated most, if not all, of the traps since Arietta and Zach adopted Fabricia, so as to prevent any harm coming to the unsuspecting girl. Magical wards are also said to be around the home.

Occupation: Formerly in charge of the home and monetary dealings of the Madrigal mafia, she is now a mother and homemaker who does some cooking and washing for neighbors on the side for payment.

Weapons/Armor: A collection of steel knives and daggers, but she does not use them these days and keeps them put well away from Fabricia and the others in the house. Some gauntlets she once used mainly for protection for her hands and arms are still kept in her closet

Powers/Magic/Skills: Arietta specializes in wind magic, but is the weakest magically of all her sisters. She is skilled at crafting gypsy charms and making herbal remedies and brews (explained more in Cadenza’s profile under skills.)

Staccato Burst Wind- Hurls short, intensified bursts of pure wind magic at an enemy.

Harmony- After chanting a spell (usually taking from 2-3 minutes), Arietta may call upon a spell from one of her other sisters. Strength of spell depends on proximity of other sisters.

Song of the Madrigal- A lyrical song written in Old Rubatoian for Cadenza and her four sisters by their mother Sonya, the song of the Madrigal is a chant that allows one sister in a desperate situation to bind the magic of another sister, or send her own power to that sister, whichever she chooses. Each sister has another that is their contrast, and is the one they have the power to bind; for Vivace with her fire, there is Algretta with water; for Luminari with light, there is Cadenza with shadow. Arietta with wind is their mother's contrast, for earth, and serves as a balance; when she sings the spell, whatever the other sisters may have changed is returned to normal, and powers are restored.

The spell has only been used once so far, by Cadenza, in Let's Start Anew, when she sang it to bind her sister Luminari's powers in order to purge the Spirit of Light from her. Arietta has yet to reveal her part in the song.

It is unknown what might have happened had all five sisters ever sung the song together, but with Vivace's death, it will never be learned.

Personality: Sweet and spirited, Arietta is a lively and caring woman with a good head for numbers and money, and many other practical things. While she sometimes can come off as ditzy because of her good cheer and quickness to laughter or giggling, she is a great source of wisdom on the behavior of people and other social matters, and a very loving and mature figure in her household. After adopting Fabi, she took naturally to motherhood, as she had already had years of practice looking after her younger sister Cadenza when they were small, or taking care of their mother in her long illness.

With Zach, she cherishes that he is not like many of the other men in Rubato she has met or dated—he is more naïve in a way, not just looking for one thing, and although he can screw up more than most would like, his heart is always in the right place. He genuinely cares for her and loves her and she would prefer that to all the smooth-talking casanovas in the cities.

Like her other sisters, she loves music and dance. She’s very talented with sewing and making things and occasionally will sell her work to others, but mostly she enjoys making things for her daughter and for their home. She's a great cook. Overall, Arietta has taken well to life after the mafia. It settles better with her kind heart. She is a bit of a worrier, and perhaps the most emotional of the sisters, but is often found to be one of the best people you could trust.

History: See Cadenza’s history for much of it. After Vivace’s death, Arietta’s life settled down considerably. Her focus, which had always been on her family, shifted toward the future, towards wanting to build a family and a home for herself. When she met Zachary Leos, through her younger sister Cadenza, and later adopted her niece Fabricia, she felt happier than she had in many years—so much closer to her dream of a family. Her mother Sonya’s death possibly hit her the hardest out of all the remaining sisters. They had been very close, and Arietta had been her most steadfast caretaker throughout the woman’s long battle with lung cancer. It’s generally thought that Ari will be the one who inherits the Madrigal house someday.

She now lives with her older sisters Algretta and Luminari, her new fiance Zach, and her adopted daughter Fabricia at the Madrigal family home. Her father Galliard normally lives and works at the house as well, but he is currently staying with her younger sister Cadenza in order to help the woman through her pregnancy and with her daughter Kate after she and her husband Rain divorced.
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