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Re: Three's Compay (Fairess and Abyss Master)

“Hold that thought.” Zyler said as he turned around and lifted a ladle of soup to Cora's lips. She stopped mid rant to sip the stew down, overwhelmed by how delicious it was.

At least, that's what Zyler was hoping for. Instead, she smacked the ladle to the floor and told him again to get out.

“Hey now, don’t waste it.” Zyler frowned and bent down to scoop up the spoon and started cleaning it with a rag. He’d clean the spilled soup off the floor in a bit. Wasn’t she overreacting just a little bit? It’s like she had something to hide or something.

He looked her in the eyes. She was more tense than he would have thought. She actually seemed to be holding herself back. He decided it was time to drop the nice stalker guy act and get down to business. “Listen, I know this is entirely unconventional, but I actually do have some questions to ask you.”

“Too bad I don't have answers.” Cora tried to take a hold of his jacket, then, hoping to drag him out herself, but he spun away from her fingers and went to the table where he had left his bag.

He dug out an old photo, a few newspaper clipping, and the dusty old journal. “The organization I work for sent me here to investigate these related reports. People disappearing.” He jabbed a newspaper article. “Sightings of strange, unrecognizable creatures. Old people getting scared in the park.” He opened the journal to a rough sketch of a large, hairy beast with glowing eyes. “All of my leads so far point to you. I’m not leaving until you tell me what you know.”
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