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Aaron leaned as far back in his computer chair as it would let him. He stared at the ceiling trying to decide what to do. Today was Halloween, and all of his classes finished early. His mother wouldn't be home until late and he knew he would be the one to hand out candy to all the trick-or-treaters.

He could watch movies, of course, but scary movies aren't as fun without someone to watch them with. Girls bury themselves in your arm for protection, and guys try to prove they are the bigger man by hiding their fear - at least that was his impression from movies. The only person to sit through a scary movie marathon with Aaron was his father, and sometimes his little sister (though she just buried behind pillows to protect herself from spooks).

He glanced over at the digivice he placed on his bookshelf. Kudamon was his partner, right? So they have to spend time together to build trust, right? What better bonding experience is there than a movie marathon? What a brilliant excuse to kidnap him!

Aaron jumped to his feet and grabbed the device. He stroked it eagerly mumbling, "My preeciooous!" in a sinister voice. Once he sat down at his computer and loaded the coding and poked around at it, trying to get the same result he got last time. The bouncing ball did return, but it was not as pleased as it was before.

"Just hold the device to the screen, numnuts!"

Aaron looked down at the device and held it up. "Like this?" he said. The digivice screen turned on and once again he was sucked up. When he landed he was in the middle of a small island. From any angle he could see where the beach met the sea.

"Kudamon?" He took a few steps and looked around for his digimon. "Kudamon, where are you?" The island was dead silent and Aaron was beginning to worry he got himself stuck. He began shouting his partner's name. "OLLY-OLLY-OXEN FREE!!"

There was rustling and Kudamon leaped out from the bushes to tackle Aaron to the ground. "Shut up, would you?" he hissed and looked around cautously. Once satisfied all was safe, he looked down at Aaron. "I thought you were leaving?"

Aaron nodded. "I did, but I came back. Do you want to watch some movies with me!?" He got really excited with the last comment, sounding more like a child than an adult.

"You came all this way . . . to invite me to the movies . . . in your world?" Kudamon was confused by this concept. It was a long trip just to give an invite to someone who didn't want to ever see him.

Aaron shrugged as best he could. Kudamon's snake like body was holding down his arms and it didn't seem necessary to waste the energy in prying him off. "Why not? It will be a bonding experience!" he remarked thoughtfully.

Kudamon shook his head. "No, you're getting out of here." He got off of Aaron and pointed to a missplaced computer moniter burried under overgrowth and vines.

Aaron sighed as he got to his feet. "Fine fine. You win." He walked over to the screen and knelt down. He turned to Kudamon, grinned, and wrapped his arms around the digimon with lightening fast speed. "KIDNAPPING!!" He shouted as loud as he could while presenting his digivice and transporting them back to his room.

Kudamon broke free from his grip and sprawled out on the floor. "No, no, take me back!" He looked around the room and hissed at the furniture.

Aaron shook his head. "Not until we watch the entire Hitchcock collection at least!" He collected some material and headed out of the room, through the hallway, and stopping in the living room.

Kudamon reluctantly followed. He was a prisoner for the time being, as he was stuck there until Aaron or somebody took him back. He coiled himself up on the sofa and watched as Aaron stripped off his shirt and pulled on a bathrobe.

"Yahoo." He huffed under his breathe. Aaron placed a DVD into the drive and jumped on the sofa next to him.

"This one is called Vertigo!" He smiled and pressed play. Kudamon looked from Aaron to the television. He rested his head on his stomach and sighed. This was going to be a long night.

Rawr rawr rawr!

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