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Spirit Blades

Authors Note: I have spent ages planning this and am still writing it, so it may take me a while to update. I will try to make it once a week, usually a monday, but dont be upset if it takes longer.


Spirit Blades


The captain watched as the town burned and he smiled. The flames reached high into the sky billowing smoke into the atmosphere. The flames of the ruined town acted as a beacon, showing all the price of disobedience. It was the third town to have fallen like this, and many more would follow unless they surrendered to him. He will find the seven sacred blades, even if he had to tear down every building in the world to find them. He watched as the flames danced before him, writhing like the people had in their final moments. Their pain was delightful while it lasted, their screams had filled his ears.

He was joined by a second man who stood a good foot taller than him. This man’s skin was dark, almost like the night, and a black hooded cloak hid almost everything else about him. He raised a skeletal hand, a scythe appearing in it. The weapon was a beast, it stood seven foot tall and had a four foot curved blade. The captain reminded himself not to get into a fight with the other man, he had seen that thing slice a boulder in two with just one swing. He could only imagine what it would do to a man.

“I take it they were not helpful either?” The mans voice was dry and raspy, almost like he had a wound on his throat. The captain knew his question was rhetorical, but he answered anyway.

“No. None of them would even answer when I asked about the spirit blades.” The spirit blades were ancient artefacts from a time of eternal war. They were considered to be the most sacred things ever to be made. Each one was said to have enough power to level an entire city on it‘s own, together they were capable of bringing the entire world to it’s knees. He would find them all, he would have that power. Locating the first six of them were going to be easy. He only had to search the many lands for them. The seventh was much harder. The final blade was rumoured to be hidden in a temple right in the centre of the earth itself. To reach it one would need to have the other six blades, and overcome the many trials that awaited those who dared to enter the ancient place.

The sun began to dip below the horizon, casting long shadows everywhere. The flames from the burning town had begun to die out as the wood that fuelled it was collapsing under it’s own weight. There were no survivors from this battle, like the two before. Each town had been razed to the ground, it’s people screaming as they died. As much as he enjoyed the thrill of battle, and the sound of his foes anguish, it was beginning to bore him. When would someone just tell him what he wanted to know.

“If you keep on doing this then there will be no one left to tell you.” The cloaked man’s voice cut through his thoughts. “Then what will you do?” The captain didn’t answer. Nothing he said would change the fact the cloaked figure was right. He had to control his bloodlust and anger. Just thinking about the peoples defiance made his blood begin to boil.

With a cry of anger he struck the ground with his sword leaving a huge gash in the earth before him. If the cloaked man’s weapon was a beast then the captain’s was a beauty. The ornately decorated hilt was covered in gold and precious gemstones of all shapes and colours. The blade itself was silver, gleaming in the remaining sunlight, and measured five foot in length. Seven recesses had been made in the base of the blade, four one side and three on the other, waiting for the right powers to fill them.

The captain stared at the brown earth, pondering what he should do next. Many more towns were in this region, and he would visit each one until he found exactly what he was looking for. When he had done that he would have vengeance. Vengeance for what the people had done to him, vengeance for every time they had defied him. He would show them. He would be the most powerful being the world had ever known. He spun on his heels giving the command to move out. They left, leaving no traces that they had ever been there just as the last of the embers spluttered and died.

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