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Re: Harry Potter RP

Lori and Audrey had located Flich who was hobbling towards Dumbledore's office yelling about how he caught them this time. Lori pressed herself against the wall, looking at Audrey.

"How do we stop him?" she hissed.

"We need to restrain him," Audrey said, frowning a bit.

"I can do that," Puck chirped and Lori gave him a confused look. He was a little ferret thing. How the hell was he going to restrain-or he could just transform into a giant dog.

Puck the dog now bounded after Filch (Lori and Audrey scampered after him to keep up) and as Filch heard the footsteps behind him, he turned around only to meet with Puck tackling him. Sprinting over, Lori held Flich's head up before he could recover and Audrey quickly uncorked the bottle and shoved the liquid down his throat as he started to protest, forcing him to drink it all.

Filch blinked and an odd look of confusion came across his face.

Without any of them saying a thing, they all booked it outside and towards Filch's office.

Upon arrival, they could hear a voice that sounded like Matt behind the door. Lori hoped she was hallucinating. Either way, Audrey turned the doorknob and upon opening the door they met with Matt and Al sitting in the room.

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