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Re: Over Lunch (Altamira)

He hadn't really noticed her light stroking of his hand at first, maybe it felt so natural, but when she stopped, he did realize it and he looked in its direction. She went on to talk about why, in a vague sense, but he didn't blame her for it. He'd known from the beginning it was a very sensitive personal question and he understood that she didn't want to speak of it. He opened his mouth to apologize, but she began once more before he could continue.

"...I suppose you don't really have to answer that question now, because..." She looked up, pausing in the speed of her breaths, "because I didn't really answer yours... but I'm sorry..."

Angela arrived with the food and the drinks. Ruin hardly paid her any attention whatsoever, apart from a nod. He was too concerned with Cadenza. As the waitress left, and they were alone once again, he reached for her hands, his grip closing over her hands, then his fingers linking with hers. So warm... so perfect there.

"No, Cadenza, I'm sorry... I shouldn't have brought something like that up so soon afterward...I want you to ask your question. I promised I would answer, and I'll answer."
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