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Re: A River of Trouble [Zorolo]

Zachary paused, feeling dizzy again, and thought. "Oh yeah, that guy... er... what was his name?" the ice mage asked himself as he patted his chin with his hand. "Er... it started... Uh... I think it was..." he said, thinking harder. "He didn't tell me... and I have no idea what he looks like. He said he was gonna tell me where she was before that illusion appeared and let me help you find me... although that guy didn't just undo that bastard's handywork and let me do this MY way. If he had, I wouldn't have to worry, after all," Zachary said as a sword appeared in his hand, "you forget that I'm not just a master of cold anymore. I'm a master of weapons as well," the ice mage said with a smile.

The red-haired boy chuckled as his blade vanished. "So odds are, like you, he only understands the part of my powers that's relevant in this world and that... person... so the other part is unimportant to them," Zachary said proudly. In reality, he was terribly misguided in this belief, but right now, he had plans to commit mass murder as the Avenger again. He didn't WANT to, but he HAD to. After all, perhaps having his entire staff wiped out would teach this douche a lesson.

"Anyway," Zachary said as magic danced in his hand, his right eye turning teal. "If there is any nearby water, I might be able to find her," he said, smirking. "Oh, I don't know if I've shared with you yet... but my mom was an Undine, so I'm half that," he said, smiling proudly as teal waves began to form on the right side of his face starting next to his eye and new waves forming beneath the initial horizontal wave. "Hopefully THEY don't know that."
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